Cleanse update...

I did good all day until around time and then I had the mother of all binges... It was bad... And believe it or not it was the first time hubby saw me having one of my insane binges and well he was shocked :S I think sometimes he just doesn't really know how bad things have been and can be...

Any who I have been thinking about it and to avoid another binge I have decided to add nuts and seeds to the diet - I am also going to add lentils, and use that to make this veggie lentil soup for dinner. And of course this means I have to start practicing portion control ... Now I'm gonna focus and make today a better day! 


  1. Good luck, Sweetie.....I know you can do it :) xxxx

  2. That sounds like a good idea. Soups are one of my safe foods because I can add more broth and make it really hot of I really feel the urge to overeat. Kidney beans and a tomato based broths save me..

  3. oh my fuck.
    he saw you binging? that is just...horrible. i'm so so so so SORRY honey. that is just disturbing. when someone sees me binging I just want to die
    yes make this day a better one honey x
    utilise it!
    good luck Cupid :) <3 I love you

    -Sam Lupin

  4. Get back on track! You can do it. Hope today is a better day.

  5. you can do it! Love you!! With you in spirit and hopefully in practice! (Time to get this cleanse on). I think you can count lentils as veggies. I know they're beans and more protein-ey than other veggies, but they're also plants and not processed.

    Yeah, my dude doesn't believe I binge because he's never seen me do it. I purposefully avoid bingeing when he's around just cos I don't want him to see me at it, I think part of me worries it would put him off me forever or something, which is silly, but I can't help feeling that way.

    anyway, good luck! Stay strong!