The plan!

OK, I know I said I wouldn't be posting the plan until later on, but I have it pretty much figured out - soooo I thought why not.

As I said I am planning on following Rusty Moore's the author of the fitnessblackbook.com
I have decided to just F the micro's and go for the main number which is calories - and the amount of calories I am planning to eat is 1440 calories a day. The idea is to do this: Goal Weight in Pounds x (hours working out per week + 9.5) = Calories. I have decided to put up 120lbs as my ugw and that is the number I am using to figure out the calories. I am thinking to aim to work out 2.5 hours a week.. So, 120 x (2.5+9.5) = 1440 calories, a day.  (10080 a week).

I am also going to aim for a weekly count (just like seekingsomethingelse does) - instead of daily.. We all have days where we eat out, or when there is something which we can't control like birthdays ect, and with a weekly budget I think I can have a day where I can eat a tad more instead of feeling all sick and guilty cause I "ate too much"... Does it make sense?

As far as the exercise goes, I think 2,5 hours is something I can achieve, I can either divide it and do 30 mins a day, or I can do 2-3 longer sessions. I am not going to aim to work out so and so many hours a day, cause lets face it - with a kid, I never know if I have the time or the energy to devote my self to anything more.

We have decided that hubby is going to stay home on Wednesdays and use a "daddy day" after his vacation is over, so if nothing more I knowI will be able to hit the gym on Wednesdays and one day during the weekend. I am also going to focus on cardio and resistance training.

I think I will be keeping the calories to the same amount since it is what I would need to eat to maintain the weight I want to reach, but I will be changing the work-outs as I get stronger.

And at last and not least, I think I am going to put my scale away and only weigh-in every two weeks. Do a body scan once a month - and also take my measurements every two months. I feel like I am becoming more and more depressed every time I step on the scale - it's dictating my mood. I still want to have control over the numbers, so I think sticking to spesific weigh-in, measurement days will do that.

Now that this is out of the way, I thought I would mention something even more personal. Tomorrow is our 2nd wedding anniversary.. Can you believe how fast time has gone by???

Here are a few pictures from our day ( I will have to remove them later as a promise to hubby as always, but yeah)

Edit to remove pictures

Last Tuesday was also a special day for us. My son turned 8 months... I still have a hard time believing how fast he is growing. Last week I gave him a haircut cause his hair was so long it kept getting in his eyes, annoying him. He looks so much older after his cut (that's what I think, but no one agrees with me hehe).. Anyways, here is a picture from my little sunshine.. (Everyone says he looks like me eventhough he has his daddy's eye and hair color, what do you guys think?)

Edit to remove pictures

Anyways, I guess it's time to round up this post. I hope you all have a great week ahead.



  1. It's so fun seeing pic's of you! Because it's all mostly anonymous. These pics are really pretty. I'm glad I caught them! Congrats on your cute baby being 8 months. From what I can tell I am seeing that he looks like daddy! But I can't see them both close up to tell for sure.

  2. i just did it and got like 1282.5 and got so pissed off and im like NO. THATS NOT ENOUGH FOR ME
    i hate it when calculators tell me what to eat. i work with deficits. so for example, if i have a 1600 calorie allowance and ate like 1400 calories of it, i add 200 to the next day so i have a 1800 calorie intake. it's so perrrrrrrrf. i find it more sustainable. i don't know how to explain it but i get bored of the same intake over and over again and like...i notice when i undereat for a bit i tend to overeat a bit later on so
    IM ALL FOR WEEKLY COUNTS :3 it's more or less the deficit thing anyway
    yeah. true. i, on the other hand, am just plain lazy
    YOU'RE SO PRETTY OMG im so fucking jealous i want your face
    omg he totally looks like you

    -Sam Lupin

  3. I hope you will be gentle with yourself and remember that little changes add up, even if every day doesn't go as you planned. Since your last post I have been trying to find an awesome quote I found on Tumblr once but it will not show up... It says something along the lines of stop apologizing for coming through hell still breathing. You have dealt with a lot of difficult things - still working through the aftermath, but you are moving forward. Even if you only have time to exercise two days some weeks, that is worth doing and it is better than no days. If you eat 2,000 calories that is better than 3,000. If you binge once it doesn't mean the day or week is wasted.

    I don't have anything to offer on the emotional eating... I turned in the keys to my (former) apartment today and have soothed myself with half a pie and a bag of chips... Eating disorders suck.

    As always, you are stunningly beautiful and your little boy is ADORABLE.

    (also yes, you are welcome to join me for a sleeping party any time lol)

  4. Your plan sounds good, just don't kill yourself if you don't stick to it 100%. Aim for it but be proud of every good decision you make!

    & You already know how gorgeous I think you are but again- you're bloody beautiful inside and out and your son totally looks like his mama. Too cute :)

  5. Oh I love that second picture- you're gorgeous!
    And little one is sooo adorable!! OMG! I think he looks a little bit like both of you, actually.

    Congrats on two years, Kitty, that's amazing!!

    Good luck with the plan! I think 1440 is a good amount of calories, it should be sufficient to prevent bingeing but still enough to allow weight loss.