I'm so lonely.. So lonely that my body aches.. I feel sick.. I feel like my head is going to explode .. I'm just so freaking lonely... 

No one understands how bad it is.. Maybe no one cares... 

I don't know how long I can keep going like this... If it wasn't for my little boy, I don't think I would... 


  1. Kitty, I'm so sorry. Seems like a lot of us are feeling lost these days.

  2. :(
    Cupid, i'm sorry that you feel lonely.
    :/ nothing ever lasts forever if it helps. i'm sorry you feel so lost and lonely. I hope you feel better soon! you don't need this at all.

    -Sam Lupin

  3. Oh honey, why don't you talk to someone about this? There's a good chance your post pregnancy hormones are making your life hell, take all the help you can get and remember there are ALWAYS people who care about you xxx

  4. One therapist asked my once why I was in treatment my answer is simple
    I don't want to feel shitty all the time.
    Different things have worked at different times in my life, so I remind myself that feeling horrible doesn't have to last. I can use different tools to make it through the rough times so I can make it to the good times.
    Imagine this: you are out shopping and you come across a store you normally don't shop in but for some reason you feel you must peek in. Then you see it, the perfect pair of shoes. The perfect color, the perfect heel, everything is just perfect. They are on sale and they have just a few left. You see your size on the very top shelf. You go to grab them but they are too high up. Do you give up when they are just out of reach? Or do you stand on your tip toes or stand on a box, ask a sales clerk, something anything to get them. That is your happiness, get it.