I am considering to take my pills again.. 
I wont be able to see my doctor again until second week of March and I am thinking about taking them until then.. 


To get a tad more stable mood and lose weight... 

What do you think?? 


  1. I think it's a good idea. Maybe start off with half the recommended dose for the first couple of days and see how you feel. The side effects you spoke about in your earlier post seemed to be pretty extreme. Mind you, I'm not a doctor so maybe my thoughts aren't even a possibility. But hopefully the side effects don't last too long this time around. :)

  2. My personal opinion is that your doctor gave them to you for a reason so you should follow his or her instructions. Usually pills can feel funky for a few weeks. You have to give it a "good college try" in order to know if it's really not working.

  3. I'd say take them until you see your doctor again. Like those above said, you were given them for a reason and generally it's best to follow doctor's orders. That said, do keep an eye on the side effects. I hope they help you feel a bit more stable <3 xx

  4. Extended release tablets should not be broken or altered in any way, so be careful. It could be a good idea to restart. Just follow through for at least a few weeks if you do take them, unless you become a danger to yourself... Sometimes it really is just side effects and will pass once your body settles in.

  5. I'm all for drugs if they will help. If any side effects that you don't like pop up it may or may not be worth it. You just have to balance out the pros and cons.