Officially a nutcase!

So I had my doctors appointments.. I have been put on anti-depressive pills.. I am supposed to start on the first dose as soon as possible, and then up the dose to the "second level" a week after. I don't remember the name, but I can mention it when I have picked them up.

The doctor said that it would help the depression within 3-8 weeks... It is also one of the pills that don't make you gain weight.. It is supposed to also help with the Fibromyalgia pain.. And it is supposedly OK to use while you are pregnant, or if you are trying to get pregnant (which freaks me out).... I am supposed to call them in 3 weeks, and then make another appointment to see if they are working or what to do..

I also had the session with the shrink.. Apparently I am such a nutcase that they had to register me in this rehab program.. Where we will have weekly therapy sessions, and it is supposed to go over 6 sessions to begin with and then we will have another evaluation. Fun fact.. We can not start the plan until almost mid March cause she didn't have any available hours.

For now... I dunno... I guess I will work 50% and take it from there..
I'm just too tired to function...

I filled in forms.. One asked for my weight... I left it blank.... Couldn't deal...... *sigh*


  1. En varning bara: när man börjar med antidepressiva kan det hända att man till en början mår sämre och då slutar ta tabletterna. Försök stå ut, för det blir bättre. Min mamma började nyss med antidepp och jag fick övertyga henne varje dag att jodå, det blir bättre, ta din medicin!

    1. jeg er bare så redd.. For alt.. :S forsøkt å unngå det her såå lenge.. men jeg orker ikke lengre..

    2. Till slut måste man be om hjälp och det är INTE en svaghet. Tvärtom, det är starkt jobbat att våga. Jag tror på dig.

  2. i just looked up at this comment and i'm like "ah. foreign language. brill."
    i hope the pills do you good my dear. you've got so much on your plate, i can only wish that the load gets less. you've always been strong enough to pick it up but you need a lighter load before your arms finally break under pressure. x
    shhhhhhhhhh. nutcases are the best. makes for good stories.

    -Sam Lupin
    PS. i love you, Cupid.

  3. I added some text on my video post so you could see what's going on, or you can Google Rachel Frederickson (latest Biggest Loser winner).

    As far as meds that help with pain, I wonder if it could be Cymbalta (duloxetine) or Elavil (amitryptilene/sp?)? I've been down the psych med road before. It can be long and slow but when you find a med that really helps, it is WORTH IT.

    The right therapist is also worth it. I'm sorry, my phone is being an ass and won't let me scroll back to remind myself what else I wanted to comment on... But you are so brave for having the courage to step up and say "This isn't working. Something needs to change, and I need some help to figure out how." Maybe this all is the start of that change for the better for you.

  4. I hope your new pills help. Antidepressants can be so helpful once you find the right one, as Tempest said. They sound good, bonus that you can take them while pregnant and no nasty weight-related side effects. Interestingly, my pharmacist says that any weight gain/loss from antidepressants is usually as a result of feeling happier (if you've had no appetite/have been overeating while depressed) and not the meds themselves.
    And there's nothing wrong with being a nutcase. It just makes us all the more interesting and unique. Welcome to the club :P
    I'm keeping you in my thoughts. I hope this is the start of better path for you. You deserve to catch a break, you really do.