I have decided I am going to take the pills..
I'm gonna start them tomorrow morning (the doc said it's best to take them in the morning to avoid insomnia)

I figured that we aren't going to try for the baby before end of March/April, and it it still a while to go till then. And I mean, I should give it a try else I will regret it, right?

Is it also kind of sick that I am actually hoping that I will lose some weight on this pill since it is the first common side affect?


  1. Jag fick byta ett par mediciner mot ångest för att jag gick upp. Med de nya gick ångesten inte bara ner utan även vikten. Bara positivt :D

  2. I'm glad you've decided to give them a go. I really hope they help make things more bearable in some way or another. You never know unless you try, and while it can be a long road to finding what medication works best for you, you've taken the first step and that's awesome. I always get a little excited when I'm prescribed something that lists weight loss as a side effect. Take care of yourself, and fingers crossed these pills work for you!