Therapy, pills and all that jazz!

I started the pills... I hopped off the pills.. I know they say the first weeks you take the meds it's worst, but I had so many side effects I couldn't function.. (I have been a day off and it stills is in my body :S)

My head.. It feels like an elephant has been sitting on my heat.. And like some one is pushing on my brain from the sides :S... I felt weak and tired... I felt really really sick ALL the time.. I wasn't sick when I was pregnant even. Dry mouth.. Always thirsty.. Oh and I had issues peeing.... The list is long!

Anyways.. I maybe shouldn't have done it. But I just couldn't deal with it anymore..

I also had my first therapy session.. She had someone canceling so she called me and asked if I could come in.. I did and we starting talking about how I handle things.. And as you know I handle everything with food.. So she started talking about the anxiety levels and how to handle them with something else but eating..

You want to hear her wonderful amazing advice.. She said...

Just wait it out.... 

lol... I know!! I was waiting for her to give me all this wonderful tools about how handling my emotions and how to stop the emotional eating ect.. and all she says is "just wait it out" lol. After some talks I came with this idea maybe trying to wait an hour and then do something.. And she thought it was a great idea, but I must say I kind of find it weird that she didn't have any tools for me..

Does your therapist give you "tools" and guidelines of how to deal??


  1. Wow. I'm starting to worry that Tumblr is a better therapy resource than therapists.

  2. Sometimes. Sometimes she tells me exactly what to do and sometimes I feel like I'm just supposed to guess. She knows what she's talking about though. I always try to remember that.

  3. I've been trying to catch up! Sorry you are struggling so much but I'm so glad that you are trying therapy and medication to help it. And I know it's not what you want but the fact that you can work part time to focus on your health is really, great. At least you tried the pills so you know but if it's not working for your body then it's good you stopped. I hope the waiting it out helps. Sometimes it's just the simple ways of learning to cope that can be more helpful then pills or anything else. Hope your pain and everything else gets better.

  4. "Just wait it out"?! Lol. That's gotta be up there with "cheer up" and "just eat" as far as useful advice goes.
    You should definitely have access to helpful tools and strategies to get through the tough times, not just being told to 'wait it out'. Mental health just doesn't work like that, sigh.
    I'm sorry to hear the meds haven't been agreeing with you :-/ I guess it's a case of trial and error until you find something suitable. Definitely talk to your doctor about other options, or at least to let them know about the side effects.


  5. awwwwwwww :/
    round 1 of drugs = bust.
    it's amazing what one bout of drugs can do. isn't it?
    i have no therapist but i did have a counsellor in my college. she gave me sheets to fill in and whenever i write something SHE didn't like, she went all pissy about it. it was annoying.

    -Sam Lupni
    PS. doctors these days, eh?

  6. I saw a therapist one time who pulled out a chair and told me to imagine that "little josie" was sitting in the chair and to tell her everything would be okay. I never saw her again.
    I am not talking to my younger self and lying to her on top of that. That was my first and last visit to her.