Personal challenge!

I need to do something..
I need to get back on track.. And I need to make some changes.

My gym membership goes out in 6 weeks.. I have barely used this very very expensive membership cause I was just too ashamed to go there.. If I manage to get my self to get there 3 times a week during the next 6 weeks I am going to reward my self with something great.

Things I am considering as a reward:
- New membership at a less expensive gym
- A laser hair-removal treatment
- New sunglasses

I have also been thinking that I should try to make time for the whole family to eat together. My son is getting older and I would like for him to experience how it is to have family dinners. The last few months, we have eating in shifts.. My son eats - then I eat while my hubby is putting him to bed, and then my husband eats. Even my husband and I rarely eat at the same time anymore - and 99,9% of our meals is in front of the TV and it really isn't something I want to teach my son. Anyhow.. My idea is for us to try to eat dinner together, and I also want to start making dinners that all of us can eat, so I don't have to cook different dinners, for us and for my son. Anyways, either this week, or next I am going to try to make it happen. I also am going to try to follow recipes and make some new meals. You know how it is to see a picture of the most perfect meal on tumblr - browsing some page or something like that??! Well I am a good cook, I want to try to make those meals.

And last and not least, I want to have date nights. I feel like my husband and I kind of have lost our "lover" part of the relationship. We went out for dinner on valentines, and it was the first time ever since we became parents. So once a month, we are going to get a baby sitter and go out. Just the two of us.

So yeah... These are my personal challenges.. You got any??


  1. Skäms ALDRIG för att du tränar! Vare sig det är gym eller som jag som klär ut mig i rosa(!!) träningskläder och flåsar mig genom stan när jag går min stavgång! Har folk nåt att säga om det, skit i dem!

  2. Don't be ashamed to get in the gym! Everyone there is focused on themselves, I promise, and no one is thinking about you. That kind of fear is all in our head!

  3. I love the sounds of these. Date night is a great idea! And eating dinner as a family sounds wonderful, only having to cook dinner once is just an added bonus lol. Good luck with your gym goal, too. The rewards sound great, I hope they keep you motivated.

  4. Eating together as a family is a wonderful thing for your son, it will mean a lot to him when he is much older. You will save time making meals the whole family can eat together. Since you love to cook why don't you start a family cookbook? When your son grows up and moves out you can give it to him as a gift.