Dear Josie :)

Here are the answers to your Liebster questions :)

1. Why did you start your blog?
I came across the blog "dying to be thin" and I really was surprised over the support she got - and I started the blog to try to reach my goals and hopefully get some understanding for my issues.. Not many in my "real" life know/knew about my issues and I often felt like no one would understand.

2. Does anyone in your "real" life know about or read your blog?
My husband knows about the blog, but he keeps this one be my own private blog. He knows I will talk to him when it matters and that here I get a different kind of support. He also knows that he will never understand me the same way some of you ladies do. I also have a friend who knows about this blog - but I doubt she reads it.

3. If you could make one food your magical food that has no calories and no baring to your weight what would it be?
Burgers and fries! ... Like good huge yummy fatty burgers like the 1600 calorie jack daniels burger from TGIFridays..

4. Are you invovled in any type of treatment? Are you on any type of drug therapy?
No.. I did get some therapy in Norway for my issues with my mother - and in the start of my pregnancy I was sent to a shrink for my food issues but I only went to her once cause she was horrid. The only drugs I have been/ am on are painkillers for my fibromyalgia.

5. Looking back at your life when do you notice the begining of your disordered eating?
When I was really young.. Like around 5-6, my step dad used to force me to eat up my food or would take away my meals as punishment.. When I was around 10 (thats when the sexual abuse started) he used to undress me and tell me how much my body looked my mothers and I remember how much I hated it.
I wanted to be so fat that he would get sick of me and never touch me.. The little I knew that he would like the extra "meat".. So yeah.. My weird relationship with food started pretty early mostlty thanks to my "lovely" step dad..

6. What is your favorite way to waste time?
Well it sort of depends on my mood.. I can spend hours shopping.. Doesn't need to be cloths or shoes or anything.. I can hang around in a bookstore finding new titles I want to read..
I also love watching romantic comedies/ tv shows- diet shows ect.. I enjoy reading - when I first start reading I have a hard time putting down the books :)
I used to spend a whole lot of time playing wow - but that is a good while ago now.. Lets not forget that I love reading blogs while listening to music.

7. What activity do you hate doing; dishes, cooking, commuting, making phone calls, keeping on top of your finances?
Ooh hard one.. Not really sure.. I guess I love cooking but I HATE prepping the veggies/meat.. I get confused (read scared) grocery shopping if I don't make a list and take it with me.. I hate losing control - does it count?

8. Looking back at your life is there anything you wish you did more of?
Hmm.. More dancing!

9. If you won a contest that allowed you to build your dream house what would you want and where?
I have always wished for my own place in London, but if I was to be practical and think about my family I would build the house here.
I would want a big house - where the first floor would have the kitchen (I want a big one with an island in the middle of it) , dining room, living room and a libery/guest room and guest bathroom and laundry room.
The basement would be a huge family room with huge couches and a big big tv with proper sound system for movie nights and it would also have a pool table..
The upper level would have the master bedroom with an ensuite - and two bedrooms with a family bathroom in between them for the kids.. And lets not forget about the HUGE walkin closet ^^
I also want a mid sized backyard with a nice deck :) Ooh and ofc garage with room for two cars and some storage space.

10. Do you have a target weight? What do you think will be different in your life if/when you are at your target weight?
I have put my goal to 128 lbs - but my ugw is 118-120 lbs. I think the only thing that would be different is how I would feel in my own skin. (at least that is what I hope)


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions, I know your blogging time is has been cut down so that you can spend time with the baby so I appreciate that you did answer. By the why I saw the picture of your little guy and he is so adorable, remember to take a lot of pictures so you can look back at all these great moments.

  2. you're probably fed up of these, but I put you on my list as well :P

  3. Thank you for commenting on my post... Obviously I've been a little slow with reading posts!