Super size me!

Has anyone seen the documentary super size me? I am watching it as I write and I am halfway the doc. and it is insane.. If you haven't watched it - do so.. It will put you off Mcd's forever and ever... I have always loved McNuggets but who the fuck knew it is all just goo?? I mean.. YUCK!!!! Have a look here,, I feel sick... Anywho..

I have been thinking more and more about my weight.. Food and everything.. And again.. Every single time I think about it I just get back to the same thing.. My "diet" when I restart my weight-loss journey again it needs to be simple.. It needs to be everyday food and it needs to be something I don't need to stress about.. I have been visiting Myfitnesspal and have startet counting my cals and by the time I am done with my breakfast numbers I feel so stressed about it all.. The numbers take over and I feel my mind going to my "safe" foods and I start panicking.. I will not be counting.. I will not go back to that place where my mind is all about "what should I eat" .. Thinking about food.. The yes/no foods.. The panicking over my next meal.. And lets not forget the cravings you get when you think about food all the time..

So I have been thinking about where I normally go wrong..

  1. I skip meals
  2. I overeat later in the day since I skip meals
  3. I eat the same food over and over until I am sick of it and then binge on the "no" foods
  4. I deprive my self and save my calories so I can have the "bad" foods within my calorie budget
  5. My diet is too strict and I fail after a couple of days since my goals are unreal
  6. I eat too much of the "bad" carbs
What I know I need to do is:

  1. Never skip a meal
  2. Getting my carbs from fruit and veg instead of bread and rice
  3. Eat smaller more frequent meals
So that is just what I am going to do. And I think it will be much better than anything else I have ever done. Well I guess we will have to see how it goes - but I think it will be fine. I mean I already eat very different than what I used to before I got pregnant.. I just need to keep reminding my self of what I have done during my pregnancy.. Food is fuel.. It is there to heal my body.. I will eat until I am full and I will stop when I am cause I know I can eat again later if I get hungry again.

Oh and.. I am down 26lbs since the baby was born on the 23rd... 4 more pounds and I will reach my first weigh goal :) I never ever thought I would reach any goals during this year.. So I am very pleased with the results.



  1. Congrats on doing so well so fast! Just remember you're still fuelling bubs too- what you eat still needs to be high quality, you can do this.
    Erin at thehealthyapron.com has recently given birth and lost her weight in a healthy manner- perhaps her method might inspire you? (she's a dietician, all healthy!)

  2. Congrats on your fast. I have seen that show it was crazy by the end with his results. If you can find them he did a lot of 30 day things during his time on TV you should check them out too. Youtube Morgan Spurlock to see more of his work. You want to watch a really scary Doc that will make you never want to eat again?? Watch Food Inc.

  3. Good luck! Sounds like a great plan. Keep us updated!
    Also, if anyone likes reading and wants to be put off fast food, Fast Food Nation is a great read. I won't touch anything from the fast food restaurants now.

  4. They are all the reasons I fail at losing weight usually too! Well done on your loss so far.

  5. Now I'm gonna def watch it...I hardly ever eat fast food, even when I binge I cant stand the thought of fried food...so much fat..yuck..your plan sounds good, sometimes you have to eat to lose weight.. that's what they say..:) wish you good luck

  6. I think it awesome you identify where your weak points are. I have done that too and it helps a lot. I hear you on the eating the same things over and over again. That is so me right there!