I will not have any good pictures with my kid.. Every single picture is me looking like a stranded whale..
My wedding pictures being fucked up cause I am so fat is one thing.. Me not having one single good photo with my newborn son is just too much...

I hate my self for being so fat.. I really hate me...

Sometimes I just wish I was someone else.. Not another fat stranded whale...



  1. Oh honey, Im so sorry to hear youre feeling like this. We are all here to support you xxx

  2. I'm sorry you feel this way. I hope you do get a few nice pictures even if you think this xx

  3. It's crap. I know exactly how you feel. There's hardly any photos of me with mine. I've come to realise recently though, I will regret it in years to come.
    My advice would be to have photos taken with your baby but make sure you're looking good. Maybe not as thin as you would like. But nice hair/clothes/smile.
    And enjoy being a new mum. We never get that time again and I'm certain in years to come you would rather you had ''imperfect'' pics of you with your baby than none at all. :) xx

  4. Its sad but when my niece was born I felt the same way and I figured out a trick after looking through a bunch of picture, you hold the baby up and cuddle right next to your face. With the right angle it worked for me so I staged a few pictures so that I would have some nice ones and hopefully they would be the ones that ended up framed.
    Besides we are our worst critic, no one else is looking at the picture with the same fustration.

  5. aww, love. if it helps, i believe that Josie's right.
    i'm sorry you feel like this. it can be so frustrating and we've never seen you as a 'fat, stranded whale'. we really are our own worst critics. <3
    -Sam Lupin

  6. You're beautiful enough that someone wanted to marry you, right? That counts for a lot.
    All your photos with your newborn will be good because they'll show the love that you have for him, which is the most important thing.

  7. Emily is right, the love you feel will be visible on every pic. Its only you who will see anything else because you feel like that at this moment, which is understandable, but you will change and feel happy about it about your body...Try it like this, put on your makeup, dress like you will go to the fanciest place ever, wear something that will make you feel so confident and dress up like never before, it will all give you so much confidence, and then take some pics, you will see the difference, believe me. By the way no new mom is skinny, only some few lucky ones are maybe thin, but that is 1 in 100 women...

  8. just hang in there. The baby blues can be a little tough in the first couple of months. Right now your body needs plenty of fuel to make milk for your little guy and you need to be easy on yourself. Motherhood is tough enough with an ED yelling in your ear. Try to eat intuitively until your babe is a bit bigger and you get your strength back. Have your picture taken with him, enjoy him, you will love those photos in the years to come!

  9. Please don't be so hard on yourself. You LOST weight while having a baby! Most women get big during pregnancy and all their pictures show it. Yours will chronicle your journey and your little boy growing up. You'll get to your goals eventually. You stayed healthy during your pregnancy for him. Now you have a beautiful son and a whole new reason to continue what you started.