Last day!

So today is the last day of holidays for us.. We have had visitors since 22nd of Dec, and the last of them went home today.. I think I might have gained around 4 lbs... (I really hope it's not more than that)..

I am going to weigh-in tomorrow. I am also going to take some pictures and take my measurements. My plan is to weigh-in every Monday, and take new picutres and do the measurements every 3 months.

I will make sure to update my numbers page tomorrow.. :)

A new year! I have loads of weight to ge rid of.. I know I can do this!

Gl to the rest of you ladies working on your goals..



  1. Ah, we will have the same weigh in day- excellent! Good Luck! :)

  2. It nice when all the festive stuff comes down, you can have a clean up and start the new year.
    Look forward to reading tomorrows post xx

  3. good luck for tomorrow, I think most of us have gained weight over the holidays so dont feel bad :)xxx

  4. yes! all of you gained around the holiday. i do not celebrate Christmas. i think i still gained a bit.
    and yes! you can definitely do this! ^_^
    good luck, love xo
    -Sam Lupin

  5. I like the idea of having my Monday wt be what I look at for my benchmark. It keeps my from going into a tailspin over the weekend. :-)

  6. Good luck, and good job keeping yourself sane through all the visitors.