I don't know if anyone remembers, but my work is the one of the sponsors for this running thing each year.. I did register for it last year, but then I found out that I was pregnant and never got started on the training for it.. 

This year is another story - the run is scheduled for 11th of May and I really want to try to attend the 5K run.. This means that I have around 3,5 months to get ready for it.. (This is way more time that I had the last time) - and I think I am going to put it as my first fitness goal.. 

I am going to start the C25K program (yet again) and see how it goes.. I was wondering - is anyone else planning to do some sort of running, and maybe wants to start the program with me? (I need all the motivation I can get).. 

Oh and I also e-mail my work - we have the right to get 1500sek that is around 250 dollars from our work for their "stay healthy" sponsorship plan to pay for gym ect. Last year I used it to pay for my lamaze classes.. Anywho - I mailed and asked if they will sponsor and pay for a gym membership while I am on my leave.. So fingers crossed - if I get a positive answer from them I will register to this gym close to out home as well.. I hope to be able to sneak of to it couple of nights while hubby is with the kid (I really need some kid-free time) - so we will see how it goes.. If they don't I will still have the running :) 


  1. That will be an awesome motivator for you!! No running for me...my knees are miserable.

  2. That's great Kitty
    A really good goal to have
    I would love to jog or run but I am a smoker so I can't run far

    Good luck x

  3. you're amazing
    and yes i'm with Miranda. i can weight train. i can stay on a bike for an hour. i can stay on an elliptical for an hour. tell me to run and i start crying.
    also, good luck! you might even motivate me to start running
    cheers xo
    -Sam Lupin

  4. Wow thats brilliant I hope they say yes :-) xx

  5. I started up c25k this week too. I am planning on a 5k for March 16, so a little earlier than yours, and another in September. Even though our races aren't the same time, I'd love to be running buddies.

  6. I absolutely hate running (read: I'm really bad at running)
    Do you know how much I love you? I shall C25K with you :) I'm expecting updates!

    I'm also starting another reboot tomorrow, I know you're still feeding so its not an option right now but I just thought I'd let you know.

    Good luck with the application *fingers crossed* xxx