First I want to say thanks you for all your comments on my last post. Some made me more frustrated ^^ - some made me feel much better. All in all I am greatful that you ladies take the time to read my posts and that you tell me what your thoughts are about them.

I want to clear up something.. It is not that I do not want to breastfeed the kid.. God knows we have tried.. And the "feeding/movie marathon" is not an option for me due to my illness.. Fibromyalgia is a horrible illness - if you click on the link you can see what I am dealing with.. I am greatful to not have all the problems but I do have the pain - weakness - headaches - nerve pain - IB - along with the sleep issues.. Doing a socalled feeding marathon would mess up my body completly.. I get stiff muscles and I barely can pick up a cup of tea.. I do now as we speak struggle holding the kid up due to the nerve pain, but I deal with it cause I have to. I will however NOT make it worse for me by keep forcefeeding him to maybe have more milk to feed him with..

He started taking the breast perfectly pretty right away and his weight was going up the way it was supposed to and even a tad more the first 4 weeks - but the last 4 weeks has been a struggle.. He isn't losing weight, but he hasn't grown as he is supposed to. I eat the way I used to (I just watch and plan my meals better) and I do drink around 3L of water a day.. Often more..

Even I never thought of just going over to the bottle - and it was a hard thing for me to do - things has been so much better. He sleeps better, he is happy when he wakes up - he gurgles and plays and "talks" so much when he is up.. The baby is a happy baby and I think it is all thanks to the formula cause he isn't hungry anymore. I do still give him the breast - I give the right breast at one feed - the left next and then the bottle on the third feed. I do give him the bottle after he has gotten the breast if I see he isn't full but yeah.. This is working for us.. I am in waaaay less pain cause I'm not stressed and last night we slept for around 11 hours.. We were up to feed twice, but went back to bed and sleep right away..

I want to enjoy my baby and if this is the thing that gives us the chance to have a good time I am all for it :)

Btw Isabella Bloom, I can not read your blog anymore cause it says I am not an invited reader - toss me one if you want me to keep reading it :) Oh and I have read the book - and am on their blog and I have a few posts about it too!


  1. who said i was a lady
    i could be a man with a vagina
    awwwwwww :( yes. that makes a lot of sense. i hope i didn't frustrate you with my comments xo remember, i'm half-awake every time i write!
    wow 3L a day. yikes.
    ^_^ and that makes me happy to hear! :D
    <3 awwwwwww
    -Sam Lupin

  2. I have a tiny bit of secondhand experience with fibromyalgia and even from that little bit I know how hard it can be. You're doing a lot for yourself and your family, all on top of struggles like ED tendencies and fibromyalgia. If you end up not being able to breastfeed, give yourself a big pat on the back for even trying. It's more than I probably would have done.

  3. I missed that post. I think breastfeeding is a personal choice. Like my mom stopped breastfeeding my sister and I( we are twins ) We was hurting her, making her sore so she stopped.
    You also don't have to worry about whining him off of breast milk now which can be hard to do.

    I am so glad to hear he is doing well and super happy. Ah I can't wait to have a little one of my own.

    I hope you are doing okay. Sounds like you have a lot going on yet you are still keeping it together. I know that can be hard.

    Sounds you are on a roll with getting back into the groove things. That is what I like the most when I know I am on a roll again.

  4. Breast milk is not the end all be all. They say it's better but there are plenty of healthy happy people in this world who did not get breast milk for various reasons. People can be so quick to judge when it comes to child rearing. Glad the formula is making things better for you both.

  5. Fibromyalgia? I had no idea. Have you ever been to a chiropractor? Seriously. If you go to one who his experienced in treating patients with fibromyalgia, they can work wonders! I have talked to people who were in so much pain they couldn't get out of bed, but with the right treatment (not all chiropractors are well-suited to treat that illness, you have to find one who is) they had major improvement! Some even lost all symptoms of fibromyalgia altogether! I hope this doesn't come across as pushy because I don't mean it that way at all. It breaks my heart to see people living in chronic pain and if it's something you haven't considered I hope you might look into it.

    Also, I'm proud of all the effort you have put into this. I hope people aren't attacking you for trying to do what is best. While breast milk is obviously the best source of nutrition, it's not always easy for every mother and I think the effort you are putting into trying whatever you have to do to make your baby happy and healthy is awesome. You deserve a lot of credit.

    Also, on the chiropractic note, here is a link with a few links about chiropractic and breastfeeding, if you are interested.


    Best wishes!

  6. Hey Kitty, I'm sorry if anything I said in my last comment bothered you. It sounded like you may not have been getting help troubleshooting with the breastfeeding (I thought you meant they told you to switch him entirely to formula immediately without even talking it over with you), in which case I wanted to offer some resources. That's a different situation from if you have tried all avenues and simply need to make a change. I have absolutely NO judgement against struggling new moms who choose or need to switch to formula, I just don't want anyone to give up on the desire to breastfeed over an issue that can be helped.

    I guess I missed the mark on useful advice but please know that my only aim was to support your goals, not tell you what to do. I have nothing but respect for you as an overcomer, as a woman, as a wife and mother. I'm glad that the new feeding routine is helping you all stay happy, full, and rested.

  7. Please keep in mind that the most important thing your child needs is YOU. The full version of you. And for hat you need sleep, proper nutrition, and emoitional support. As a mother you make the choices that most benefit your family as a whole. If doing something, be it cleaning the bathroom or trying to use only breast milk, will stress the family unit in anyway don't do it and most importantly don't feel bad about it.