Not doing so well!

Ugh... Started this post several times- during several days and kept having to go away - so if everything doesn't make sense.. Sorry!


I am sort of not losing weight at all... I know it's only been a few days, but it has made me think of what is wrong.. So I did my weigh-in and took the pictures - I haven't taken measurements yet, but then again, this is the first time I have had some time since the last time I posted. Little mr. has been sick, and as soon as he got better I got what he got and I am still not feeling all too good.

I tracked a couple of days worth my eats on MFP, and I am doing OK with my calories, but I think there are 3 reasons to why I am not losing weight..

1: I barely get 5 hours a sleep a night
2: I don't keep my portion sizes since I don't get the chance to eat more than once or twice if I am lucky while hubby is at work
3: I eat too much carbs since it is the easiest thing to eat when you don't have much time to spend on food

I have been thinking about what I can do - and I think I should start planning my meals better. I was thinking about getting a whole bunch of veg when we do this weeks grocery shopping, and oven bake them all. And also precook some chicken filet and just make lunches for the whole week so I am set. That way I will skip the carb filled sandwiches. And I am also thinking about having some cereal for breakfast - I know it's carby, but I am so sick of sandwiches and tasteless oatmeal, and it goes fast.. I just need to find something to have it with since I don't drink milk...
I also need to get some fruit to fill up on - I have been so bad with it ever since the kid was born.. And the fact that hubby never ever eats fruit unless I force him doesn't help... Maybe I should get back making smoothies.. Hmm..

I think I really need to plan my eats better. It was so much easier while I was pregnant - now I don't have the time to eat until I feel really starved, and that's as you know when I usually overeat..

On the good note, I tossed all the leftover cookies and candies we had after Christmas.. I have kept one bar which wasn't open - but it is well hidden and out of reach. I have been covering my chocolate needs with low fat hot coco and it's working well.

I guess I should just finish this post before I have to go away again... I'll try to make a proper post soon..


Just remembered this thing I was ttly :S about.. I was watching the new season of Supersize vs superskinny online.. And there was this picture from this dude who had died because his inner organs were smooshed by his fat.. OMG!!!!!!! I didn't know it was possible :S


  1. Oooh a new season of super size vs super skinny. I gotta check it out. Be patient with yourself. Being a new mom and trying to lose on no sleep is hard. You'll get there! Do you like egg beaters? It's basically egg substitute. It's a good breakfast for me at only 25 cals for 1/4 cup.

  2. I'm totally with you on the lack of sleep and too many carbs. I attempted to cut back on bread and I haven't managed this nearly as much as I hoped.
    It's hard when the kids get ill- especially when you catch it! xx

  3. Or if you dont like egg beaters just boil some eggs and keep them in the frig. Also you will need to exercise I know I hate that word. Not sure how the weather is in your neck of the woods but a stroll with the babe is great exercise. and yes BE PATIENT!!! Miranda is very wise! :) good luck and sorry about the no sleep thing but it gets better.

  4. There's a new season??
    Now I must watch...
    5 hours of sleep a night... how do you do it? I would say pat yourself on the back that you're even able to function.

  5. Making meals for yourself ahead of time is a great idea. If I don't have something ready I always grab carbs too! I use my slow cooker to make chicken, I set it up and go to sleep when I wake up it is done and I have food for days. My tip would be to make something you can have sevral ways, I use chicken breasts and salsa and have that in a wrap, on a salad, with veggies - whatever I have on hand. Oh I don't really like milk so I buy unsweetened vanilla almond milk to have with cereal, since it is unsweetened I don't feel bad about carby cereal, just add cinnimon.

  6. I'd say that you should start to lose weight just from planning and cutting down carbs. I think that's the main culprit. That shocked me on SVS too! I love that programme so much, it's unreal. I hope you get some more sleep soon :) xx