So today we did the groceries and I bought a bunch of veg. I got zucchini - bell peppers and mushrooms. I cooked it all in low sodium veggie broth (I read somewhere that cooking the stuff in broth makes it all easier since you can skip seasoning and it works fine for me) in the oven. It gave 5 cups worth of veg. I also boiled some skinless chicken breast in broth - and cooked some wholemeal couscous. I premade 5 portions worth of one cup of each and that is what I am going to have for dinner the rest of the week along with some salad on the side.

I also thought about breakfasts - I didn't find any yoghurt that was low on sugar/fat that I liked, so I am skipping the cheerios.. We do not have almond milk here Josie.. I have been looking for it - but haven't found it yet :S - And Miranda, we don't have eggbiters either.. I think I could find that in the American store but it will probably be too overpriced. So I have decided on having eggwhite mushroom omlettes for breakfast. That is easy and works for me.

I bought some frozen lunch dishes and those are around 400-440 calories per portion (these are low sodium products).. So with snacks and my tea a whole day worth of food will be around 1600 calories.. Breastfeeding burns around 500 calories a day- so even with the unplanned calories I should be able to stick to a good 1200 calorie plan if I eat like this.

I know, I know - I am doing the "eat the same thing over and over again" thing.. But - the lunch meals and the snacks will be different so I wont get sick - and I am planning to change the protein and the veg each week.. AND to have "normal" dinners with hubby during the weekends.

Now I just have to stick to it.. And it should be moving..

Linny - as far as exercise goes, I have been wanting to go on walks with the baby but the weather has been horrid.. It has either been below zero, or it has been insanely strong wind. We have a mall close to us so I could go for walks inside -but with the flu season and the RS virus going around we are adviced not to take the babies to malls.. But it is on my to do list - I think it is good for the kid too :)

Emily - did I mention that it is 5 combined hours? ^^ an hour here - 2 there ect ^^ He slept much better last night so hopefully now that he is getting older (he was 7 weeks this Friday.. *sigh* he is growing too fast :( ) - We will get more sleep..

Lucy - When I was cutting down carbs, I replaced bread with high fiber wasa crackers - I am going to have crackers for my breakfast and snacks now again - maybe that will work for you too? :)

Little Miss Thin - I love the show too :) I catch them on this channel on youtube since they don't show it on tv here.

Anywho :) Gotta be off now - hope you all are having a great weekend :)


  1. Glad you're feeling more upbeat with a plan under your belt. The veggies in broth sounds like a good idea - if you save the broth it's more nice filling low-cal stuff. I may have to try it.

    Keep taking those pics of him! He will keep changing so fast... My friend OT's little guy is 9 months now and an absolute tank! Even if you are not in all the pics, even if you need to not look at the pics with you until you are in a better place... Keep taking them :)

    Take care, strong lady.

  2. Having a plan is always the best idea. It puts everything into motion. Good luck :)


  3. Thanks for the tip Kitty. :)
    I've had such a crap week. One bad day turned into 3. The scales will show how bad tomorrow I suppose!
    Feeling more positive now though. Good luck to us! :)

  4. Thanks for the updates. Your eating plan sounds so awesome. I got excited just reading about your pre prepped meals and was like I should so do that. I know I wont though.

    I am glad you tried to exercise but sometimes just watching what you eat is good enough. I suggest focusing on that for the time being. Like Gwyneth Paltrow did not work out. She did watch what she ate though. It wasn't until she had to do Iron Man that she really started exercising and tighten up her eating habits( I am sure you see how amazing she looks )

    I was thinking about your little boy just a day or two ago. I love babies. So cute. I can't wait until he starts hugging you and showing how much he loves you. He sounds like a good boy already :-)

    Thank you again so much for the update Kitty. I know you are super busy now.