Yet another update..

So this week hasn't been going as I planned.. The pre-made dinners I made tasted like poo... Hubby ate a couple of boxes for dinner one day - I had one and I ended up tossing away the two last one.
I have also been insanely moody.. I think I might have a touch of PPD - but I am not sure if that is the case or if it is just my mind acting up..
I was going to start this post saying that I am failing again - but then I reconsidered.. I haven't been gaining - so I am not failing yet.. Am I?
Anywho.. I have made yet another meal plan for next week.. This one is inspired from the old plan I got from my PT back in the days. I am feeling pretty OK about it cause it means no "special" food for me.. I make the same thing for me and the hubby.. This way I don't have to make different meals and I wont be tempted.. We have to change up the veg - just he is pretty picky but I don't mind cooking up different veg (much easier than making two different meals) .. And ofc this means I need to practice proper portion control..

For breakfast I will be having eggs (mostly egg white salad or egg white omelette) - or wasa crackers with turkey ham on.. Then a snack or fruit or yoghurt - lunch will be homemade toast or salad - then another snack of fruit or yoghurt.. Dinner are as follow :
Mondays: Cod with potatoes and veg
Tuesday: Chicken filet with rice and veg
Wednesday: Pasta and homemade meatsaus with salad ( extra veg instead of pasta for me)
Thursday: Salmon with rice and veg
Friday: WW dogs with mash and veg (hubby will have normal hot-dogs or meatballs instead)
Saturdays and Sundays are the "normal eat" days - where it will be Sandwiches for breakfast - pancakes or soup for lunch - Stew (Persian food) one day - and homemade junk food (aka pizza, burgers, taco ect. ) another. We (this was hubbys request) are also going to limit takeout dinner to once a month. - We do sometimes eat brunch outside - but those are normally healthy toast or salad, so I don't really feel bad about it at all.

I guess if I am ever to have a normal relationship with food, I have to learn to control my portions.. When I do (as I did while I was pregnant) the weight will drop..

Anyways.. Hubby needs to go away for a week right after the kid is 3 months and the idea of being alone freaks me out. My BFF can stay with me along with her 7 months old daughter but I dunno.... What do you girls think I should do? Should I ask him stay?


  1. Your meal plan sounds really good :) Good luck xx

  2. If he needs to go I don't think you should ask him to stay. I think you'll be okay with baby and asking your friend to come over might be fun. Good luck with the meal plans.

  3. You are by no way failing, you are figuring out what works for you. As for a friend staying with her baby I would caution to think about your babys sleeping habits. Is he a light sleeper that another crying baby would wake him up? Although it sounds like it would be fun to have your bff and two little ones together. You guys could even sneek in a nap while one watches the babies. Good luck finding what works.

  4. maybe, babe.
    and yikes. that sounds horrible! i wouldn't want to eat poo. like you know. ever.
    if youre not gaining, you're not failing ;) as simple as that!
    that meal plan sounds perfect! and reasonable. on weekdays, i find myself eating the same thing all the time becauase it's too stressful to do anything else.
    currently, im fighting with my maid about her dumping out my copy of the periodic table.
    complete agree with Miranda about the baby thing. :D ^_^ best of luck
    -Sam Lupin

  5. Yes, I agree about not failing. When I had my stay the same weigh in last week I decided to view it in a more positive way and not beat myself up about it.
    I think with your partner going away, (I know it seems scary and stressful) but how about just letting him go and you will see how well you cope on your own -it's a real sense of achievement, I found when I was left for the first time with my child when my husband went away for a few days. :)

  6. Planning meals is a good idea. It takes some of the stress of the moment off when you're choosing what to eat.
    I think that you can let your husband go away for a week. Have some fun girl time, which might be in short supply now that you've got a new baby.
    Have fun!

  7. Hi, it's nice to hear from you. You are trying to eat right while watching your food size so this is good. Hopefully it will become habit before the little one starts to watch you closely.

    I would ask him to stay. I would be nervous too. Just thinking about it makes me nervous. I hope he will understand though.

  8. You only fail if you give up, you haven't given up so you've not failed. Xx

  9. Failure is not even close to describing your situation!!! You're just not losing as quickly as you would like to be. Stress less hun, it will happen.
    If you really don't want to do it alone then ask him to stay- or just tell him how nervous it makes you but I'm sure you can do it, especially with your friend to help :)
    Hang in there xxx