Fancy a tuna sandwich??

I love tuna.. I love tunamelts, tuna sandwiches ect..
As I write this I am watching Blood, sweat and takeaways on Netflix.. I will never ever eat tuna again..
I still have prawn and rice and chicken to watch and I am really dreading to watch the rice one, cause it is the one food I grew up with.. So yeah..

Watch it if you can.. Here are a couple of the links:




  1. If you like to read, and have the time, the book The Omnivore's Dilemma. It was a neat book that really makes you think about how we obtain our food choices. Its the opposite of food porn.

  2. TUNA~
    no don't put me off tuna forever i will still read it even though i know that this may change a bit for me omg
    yum for rice
    ive been living on crisps and chocolate (i nearly wrote that as chrisps - combo of both, ha!)
    okay i tried to read it - i couldn't. it made me feel a bit sick. i just can't take what the world has come to really
    -Sam Lupin

  3. Yum, tuna. My bf hates it when I eat it because then I smell like fish for the rest of the day.