Retail therapy!

I barely got any sleep  last night... I just couldn't shut my brain off.. Waking up to your comments made me feel much better :)

I will keep going to the gym - my goal is to become one of those girls, others like the current me envy..

I have been out all day - walking (shopping mostly).. First of I picked up the christening gown I had bought online (It was on sales, saved 50% on it) - I really don't understand why they insist on putting something so girly on little boys, but oh well, it's tradition so we are going with it. Personally I do not believe on christening, and think it is something that should be done when kids are old enough to understand what it means and why it's done, but it is a huge tradition here so we are having it out of the respect for my hubby's family.. Here is a picture of what the gown looks like (The picture is from facebook and belongs to one of the ladies in my "mommy and me" group) - we are going for lighter blue ribbon - and unless it is very cold he will not be wearing the long sleeved body under the gown.

I also bought a pair of trainers - I don't have any comfy shoes at the moment and I wanted something to toss on walking to and from gym, and on the walks to the park with the baby and these were almost 60% off and they barely weigh anything.. I must say I have never ever worn such comfy shoes lol - my plan is to avoid staying at the locker-room as much as possible for now.. So I will get dressed at home and toss on these shoes and a warm jacket - and change my shoes to my normal trainers..

I also bought a pair of sunglasses.. I only had one pair that looked OK - so I really needed an extra pair.. These are cheap and look good (Atleast that's what I think hehe) 

I also bought a new cover for my phone.. These say it all - don't they? 
I also bought a couple of wristbands for the days where they need the extra heath.. and a couple of tops from HM. 

It's been a long while since I actually enjoyed shopping.. I have only been buying stuff for the baby or hubby.. So I really needed this.. 

Anywho.. Sorry for blabing! And thanks for always being there! 



  1. Retail therapy is the best!!! Like your new trainers.

  2. Those shoes are fantastic! Doesn't everything feel better in comfy shoes? I know it's hard comparing yourself to fit people at the gym, but hopefully they're non-snobby nice people who know that everyone starts from a different place. Do keep updating on your C25K plans & progress, I'm still trying to get off my behind and start again. It's so inspiring to see you take action to get fit :)

    1. I am at a state now that walking fast is all I can do.. :( but I am hoping to get a little better in shape and start the running program in 3-4 weeks time.. And thanks! :) I never thought I could inspire anyone!

  3. It does look very girly! But you know what's wrong with guys showing their feminine side ;)
    Good luck with the gym! keep at it and it'll become natural. And then you shall be the envy of all.

  4. Sorry about your last few post. WOW your gyn is so pretty!!! you will do great and before you know it you will have your MILF summer bod goin on and it will be great! love the shoes to I really need to get me a new pair I had some easy tones but they rub a HUGE blister on just one foot all the time. lol Talk later and take care!

  5. Glad you enjoyed shopping- I'm starting to get there with enjoying it a little more. You never know, some of the 'barbies' at your gym may have started off considerably bigger than they are now. :)

  6. I just loved this post. It is so inspiring. I love your cross trainers. I wish I could buy name brand but yeah my budget is tight as well and without a baby.

    Your friend baby is cute. What am I saying I just love babies :-)

    The new phone case is perfect. I wish I could get one for my phone but windows phone doesn't have so many fun cases. Although I did pick out one with a cool pattern of some kind on it. Now to buy it.....

    You are doing great just keep swimming!