Motivation ...

Who needs thinspo when all you need to do is to hit your local gym... I am officially the biggest and fattest here... This is the kick I needed ...

This is how the locker-room looks btw.. Pretty place.. Except from my flab making it less pretty


  1. Wow! That is a pretty gym. Just don't let the visions of fit people at the gym intimidate you into not going. Every one starts somewhere.

  2. I know what you mean about looking around at all the little tiny ladies who look like don't even have to try to look good. It can be really annoying, but for most people it is hard work to look fit. Sure some people won the genetic lottery but most people have to work at it. I call them human.

  3. That gym is definitely cool. I mean I feel inspired to join a gym just looking at that!

    Hubby and I was looking at 24 hour gyms here because of his weird hours and me, I tend to be lazy so when I want to work out I want to know I can go anytime. We are waiting for me to get a promotion or new job because other wise it is not going to happen.

    The gym looks like it has every machine imaginable.