I made this post from my cell that is still on "publishing" and it doesn't seem to complete.. So I thought I'd make another post..

I was at the gym today.. And I felt really out of place.. I mean.. Who needs thinspo when you have a gym like mine??

I feel horrid..
And this might sound weird to you but I was looking at the mirror and watching the little barbie dolls walk around and I saw my self for what I am..

Not fat.. But HUGE..

And trust me .. This is not my brain playing with me.. It is a fact..
I guess this was the kick in the butt I needed..

I have a mealplan - a gym goal - and I am sticking to it..

No more cheats..
No more giving up..

I will not be the fattest girl at anywhere anymore...


  1. use it as your motivation! you can be just like the skinny barbies.

  2. Good for you Kitty! I know that feeling. Not realising how big you are until you see a proper comparison- usually in a mirror! It's very confidence zapping but motivating at the same time! :)