This whole avoiding to eat during the day is going well, I am down 7 lbs already!

Today I was really proud of my self, we were at the shopping mall, and I went to get a Cappucchino at my fav coffee shop.. I had been at the food court earlier to feed my son and all the smells.. Everything I was STARVING! Then while I was waiting in line to order my coffee I was infront of their huge collection of cakes, cookies, pancakes ect and I really wanted something.. However I closed my mind and thought of the number I saw only a couple of days ago.. I got my coffee and I was off! These sort of things don't normally happen with me cause I don't practice self control.

I have however noticed that both yesterday and today I have eaten WAY too much for dinner.. I am overly stuffed eventhough it has been within my calorie budget (my goal is to stay under 1000 calories).. So it is not hard to see that I need to take this to the next step.. Being from middle east my main problem is rice.. I LOVE it.. I can have it with almost everything.. But a cup of rice being 200 cals, and for me one portion of it being 1,5-2 cups means I eat too much of it..

So I have now decided to limit my rice and have it twice a week.. It would be stupid of me to plan to not have it at all cause I know I would crave it too much, and it could end up in a binge.. So twice a week.. I can do that!

I also want to use this post to thank you all for your support. Things get hard, but each of you inspire me in your own way and that makes things somehow easier.

Josie, I don't really have any medical issues ex. from my fibromyalgia.. I do however tend to get acidic stomach pains (after years and years of being wrongly medicated for my fibromyalgia my stomach is pretty fucked... I guess the b/p sessions haven't helped it either).. I don't take any meds but some painkiller when the pain is too much for me to deal with (right now I take a mix of paracetamol, and ibuprofen), and I use chewing pills for the stomach acid when it's needed... I don't really have the option of seeking a nutritionist right now, and I don't really have a proper doctor after I moved to Sweden.. I guess I should make sure to register so I have someone to talk to..

How long would you say it is "safe" for me to stay under 1000 cals without totaly fucking up my metabolism? I was thinking about maybe keep at it until I reach my second GW, which is 198lbs - and then up the cals and add some proper exercise. Right now exercising is not an option, well unless you count walking as exercise.. I do walk for 1-2 hours a days most days, and I do run/carry/play with my son a whole bunch... I just don't want to count them as exercise so I don't use it as an excuses to eat more.. What do you think about this idea?


  1. omg yes
    I was so jealous (am)
    omg that's grand!!!! wseopfidjkospdgksf i'm so happy for you. the cappuccino incident. honestly I would've taken everything in sight. i'm such a weakling next to the cake
    rice fills me up so sickeningly quickly. which is why I never have it. I don't know about how much a cup is...but about 160-200g of rice for me is just difficult to swallow down
    have you tried using smaller plates? it feels like you're eating a tonne!
    hmm. honestly i'd say have a day in the week or two where you eat maintenance calories. honestly. you need it. because for me restricting only a bit short circuits my metabolism!

    -Sam Lupin

  2. yay for seven pounds! I am currently stalled, but hopefully will see some more progress soon!
    I am so proud of you for the self control at the food court! That's amazing!
    i LOVE rice. Especially basmati rice, sooo yummy! But my doctor told me to limit carbs (not that I'm particularly succeeding at that)
    I think you can stay at 1000 calories for a while, as long as you have some higher calorie days in between just to keep your metabolism guessing. I can do I think 5 low calorie days in a row without messing up metabolism but everyone is different

  3. I always recommended using the very low calorie diet for at most 16 weeks and then taking a 2 week break of just switching things up and still eating healthy before going on it again. I can get really tough but I suggest as much plain veggies as you want during the day and your protein shake. My trick for not going overboard at dinner is to drink 8 to 16 oz of a calorie free beverage and having salad or soup before hand. I heat my soup up and make it too hot so I have to at it slowly and then eat the real meal.
    I have been horrible about blogging but I do check it a lot so is you need anything ever just let me know. Good luck and be nice to yourself!