I was supposed to have my surgery tomorrow.. But I got my period.. And they can not do anything while you are on it.. So I had to cancel..
They put me on a list so if anyone else cancels they will call me and I get to have it done, else I'll have to wait until mid November..
So frustrated..
Lately it feels like my body is just working against me.. Like this.. My period was almost a week late.. Probably due to stress, but still... *sigh*

Doctor hunk sent me a letter along with a note to pick up some D-drops from pharmacy.. Apparently my D-levels were really low.. I don't understand how it could be cause I have been out and about whenever it's been sunny... But yeah.. The lady at the pharmacy told me I couldn't take the D-vitamin pills cause they only have like 400 points, while the drops doctor hunk wants me to take have 20000 points.. She also was "so I guess you got it bad" lol

I guess this explains why I have been so tired and out of energy - and the extra pain I have been having. The doctors note said he hoped when my D-levels are better he hopes for me to have less pain.. So we will see how it works..

I have been taking the drops for a couple of days and I actually feel a tad less tired. So I guess that's good.

Sammy : I will post pictures from the meals :) I should have done it last week, I have no idea why I haven't, but I will do it starting today!

The meals are working well for us. It's just so good to not to have to think about why we are going to have for dinner more than twice a week.. The only problem is that even though they say that the recipes are between 500-700 calories, most of the dishes have like 600-700 calories.. And they are huge portions.. I have decided to half the portion and save half for lunch the day after, and just add some more veggies or salads to what they have planned. This means I can cross another meal off my brain! So now it's just breakfast and snack to worry about and that I can handle..

A few of you guys told me to pre-cook eggs and have that for breakfast.. The idea is good, but I just gag from the thought of cold pre-cooked eggs.. I did try it once a while ago, having the egg whites for lunch, but the smell just makes me ill... So that's a no go for me. I will however try to hard boil eggs and have it when ever hubby is home and can take over the kid in the mornings. I do love eggs - I just don't cope well with the smell..

Anywho, I'm going to be off now, hubby has taken my son out and it is the first day in ages where I am having some alone time, which was needed..

Take care ladies



  1. that is maddening.
    awwww and it's that labour-like period, isn't it? shit. i hope you're okay. do take care of yourself, alright! load up on calcium and potassium, lady!
    20 000 points. Jesus.
    i hope it stays that way. man, you've had a tough few months and it's not coming to a halt any time soon.
    OH YAY i like seeing your food blog. i like seeing other people's food.
    omg breakfast <3 my chocolate croissants and chocolate bars and muffins and my grilled cheese sandwiches or my chicken-salad sandwiches. fuck me im fat
    yeah i get what you mean
    i wouldn't recommend my croissant and sandwich and chocolate breakfasts :P

    -Sam Lupin
    PS. you take care of yourself as well now! :)

    1. Yes it is.. Period from HELL I tell you!!!

      Have you btw seen Glee S.5 ep 1?? I was watching it and I thought of you.... I just LOVED the whole proposal!

  2. Those recipes sound great! Tasty and cooked by somebody else, which is always wonderful. ;)

    20,000 points of vitamin d? That's scary.

    It sounds like your son is feeling better. How old is he? :)

    I hope you can reschedule your surgery to an earlier date.

    1. Thanks dear :)
      My son just turned 10 months :) He isn't sick, it's just him teething that has been the problem :)

    2. oh and the meals are still cooked by me - they are just pre-planned ect and you get almost everything you need delivered right to your door :)

  3. Along with D are you taking any B vitamins? With the fribo it can help. As for breakfast food I was wondering if you like chickpeas? There are so many things you could do with them ahead of time and then eat it in the morning while doing everything else.

    1. I love chickpeas... Never thought of having them for bfast.. hmm I should check out some recipes :) Thanks Josie <3

      oh and I don't know if they checked my B-levels.. I should ask them.. Wouldn't surprise me if I lacked something there too, all my nails are brittle and soft.. So it should be something there..

  4. I've heard that vitamin D can only be absorbed if you eat other vitamins along with it or something.
    I hope you get your levels up! I know D deficiencies can be really harrowing on your mood and energy levels.

    1. They told me to just have it with food - So I hope im doing it right :)

    2. A,D,E,K all need some fat in your system to be absorbed, same with calcium. And calcium won't be absorbed with D in th system. Fun isn't it.

  5. Urgh that is really frustrating! You have been waiting for the surgery for so long!
    vitamin D is also good for moods! So hopefully you'll feel better about things. I get really low in the winter so I have to have a sun lamp. My doctor actually prescribed one, it was a bit funny trying to get insurance to pay for it, (they did eventually, I had good insurance then, I have worse now)

  6. I second Nasimiyu, I've heard a lot about low D levels being associated with depression, and high dose vit D supplements really helping. At any rate it won't hurt!