I think I have consumed 100000000000 calories today .. I just can't stop... 

FML.. I hate days like this ... 


  1. :(
    i hope tomorrow's better.
    fuck days like these though
    i'm sure it's not 100000000000 calories though if it helps x
    i love you lady take care of yourself!

    -Sam Lupin

  2. It's not easy competing with the binge monster! Tomorrow is a new day, and today's mistakes can be erased, forgotten, or corrected :) Stay strong and stay healthy.

  3. Anna is right. You are having a bad day. It is one bad day. It doesn't have to derail your hard work and become a downward spiral. Every decision matters, so don't worry about the ones that are done and over. Worry about the next choice and move forward from there.