Annoyed rant....

So this whole gestational diabetes thingi has made me look more and more into the danger for diabetes type 2..  And then I remembered I have this friend from wow who has diabetes. 
So I talked to him today and he was just so w/e about it.. He said that lately he had missed to take his medication from time to time cause he forgot to eat intime to take his meds.. WTF!!!!!!!
And then I asked him if he was aware of the fact that diet changes could actually reverse the diabetes and he said "I know - but the changes doesn't suit the lifestyle I want to live" .... 

I just don't understand... Why??? How can he not see where he is going to end?? 

I know that sometimes people get fat without realizing what they are doing.. But staying fat - and keeping an illness alive cause being healthy isn't a lifestyle you want to have.... How is it even possible? 

Since I have been told that I have the gestational diabetes, I am watching every single bite I'm taking.. I am more obsessed with the numbers and values than I was before.. I have a plan for what to do when the baby is out to prevent me from getting the actual diabetes.. 

I just don't get how can he just ignore it?? 


Ok - rant over.. 



  1. Yikes hun =/
    My grandfather thought his life was over when he found out he had diabetes. He was about to give up on life but he pulled through and is doing much better.
    Hopefully your friend can pull their head from their ass.
    Good luck sweetie!


  2. My grandpa got type 2 diabetes about 15 years ago. It runs in his family along with obesity that is my biggest fear when I think about growing old. Anyways he was able to change is life/diet and does not even require meds any more as long as he takes care of himself...my 14 year old nephew on the other had have pre type 2, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. is about 30 lbs over weight and will do nothing about it. my sister tries and he will sneak food in his room and eat it while she is sleeping. he has been told numerous times by doc. and nutritionist that he will be luck to make it to 25. still he loves his cookies and chips...it is sad to think my nephew might not be here in 10 years :(

  3. That's shocking that he won't change his lifestyle! Gosh, I definitely would! I'm sure you won't get diabetes, because you are being so careful :)
    Lottie x

  4. Yes, it's really sad that some people would basically rather die then just eat healthy. It's like people with lung cancer who won't stop smoking. What is really important here people??

    1. Good example and it made me chuckle a bit...I smoke even though I know the risk. Humans are retarded lol

  5. For some reason it seems to be hard-wired into human beings to do what feels good in the moment despite knowing it might kill us someday :/ The sad thing is, eventually your friend will end up with numb/painful hands & feet, poor vision, kidney failure, and a joystick that doesn't work anymore. By the time he realizes THAT'S not the lifestyle he wants to live, he will have done a lot of permanent damage.

    It's such an intimidating thing to be faced with, but you are doing everything right.

  6. Unfortunately some people are just unwilling to do what it takes to have good health. Don't let him annoy you, it's not your problem. You're doing great sweetie xx

  7. People are just stupid. I'm glad to see that your taking steps to manage yours though :)

  8. what. the. hell.
    i know someone with diabetes. type one. their LIFE is altered. i know type one and type two are different 'cause in type two you have a tonne of insulin in your blood, but it does fucking nothing to your glucose concentration, but still. with insulin pumps, monitoring protein intakes, and that sort of shit...it's insane.
    type two diabetes can be deadly. type one diabetes can be deadly.
    i had to do an examination on effects of glucose levels on the body, on what happens to the body when you're a diabetic and how it passes out in your urine and the ketones and crap like that.
    it's not a joke. i hate it when people like that guy treat it like it's NOTHING.
    thank you, babe. you are so good to your body, so good to your child. you are going to be a BEAUTIFUL MOTHER.
    and that kid is going to be SO. DAMN. LUCKY, Cupid.
    -Sam Lupin

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  10. Have been on vacation and have enjoyed catching up on your life! I like following a real account of pregnancy, even if it's not pretty all the time. I assume many of us who struggle with their weight will end up going through similar situations, so your thoughts are very interesting!

  11. oh my gosh that's super annoying. my friend has type 1 diabetes and can't do a single thing about it since hers is permanent and this person could have a healthy life if they would just live healthier and they won't just because it's inconvenient to them?? I really just don't get people like that!

    anyway, i'm glad you're taking good care of you luv! xoxoxoxo