So I had my appointment this morning with the gestational diabetes doc and guess what ???
My levels are really good.. :D
I still have to keep track of my levels and so on - but she said from what it looks like and how my "long time sugar levels" were - I am most likely not going to need any sort of medication during the pregnancy and that the baby will not be harmed in any way ^^

I'm sooo happy..

Just wanted to share the news with you guys ^^



  1. That is great news Hun!!! I am so happy for you. You will be fine, I know you have what it takes. Hope your week goes great! Oh are you going to find out what you are having or wait and let it be a surprise?

  2. That is good news! Glad to hear it. Plus you are really learning more about how to eat properly which is a plus.

  3. That is ALL YOU, Kitty! Your health is the direct result of you taking control for you & your child. You are an amazing person, you know that?

  4. That's awesome, congrats!
    You need to be healthy and strong for your baby :D