I have nothing to do post!!

journeyofjosie: If you read this.. I don't seem to be able to comment on your posts.. When I click on publish and get the "prove your not a robot" check.. Well that's where it stops.. There is no publish button after that. I thought I would let you know :)

So couple days ago we found out that my mother in law is in the US. Apparently she had been to Vegas to get married.. I knew something was up because of this dinner party she has this Saturday so I asked her if they were planning it.. I asked her 3 times.. She lied to me 3 times.. She said "No, no wedding for me" .. They didn't even tell us that they were going to the US.. So  I was pissed!!!
She is still there - and wont be back before Wednesday - but I sent her an e-mail and told her what I exactly thought about her being a liar and doing her best to keep us out of her life. And I have decided that if she doesn't say sorry for lying to me - that I will not share any more news about our life with her.. I mean why would I ?? Argh.. I hate people like that.. I really HATE it..

Anywho.. Today is a Norwegian holiday - but since I live in Sweden I am at work.. But since I am only working with the Norwegian customers I have nothing to do.. This day will be really long..

Hmmm.. What else??

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a gestational diabetes specialist.. I am going to take my glucose meter with me and see what she says. I don't mind having to check my levels any more.. Getting used to it.. But I really hope that I don't need to do anything else.

Lately it feels like that time is going even faster than before.. Today I am starting pregnancy week 16..

Anywho... I'm going insane here ... I think I will take rest of the day off.. Will see...

Gonna publish this post and maybe update later



  1. Wow. I can't believe she wouldn't say she was getting married. It's not something most people would lie about. Very strange.

    Week 16?! Time is flying. It felt like only last week that you said you were pregnant I hope it's going well. x

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  3. Sorry you couldn't post, I played around in my settings so hopefully it is fixed. If not let me know. Wow 16 weeks that's amazing. Your mother in law sounds just so wonderful, who denies they are getting married and runs to a different country? My mother in law I have met twice and she has never even called her son on his birthday while I have known him (since 2004)! Some people it is best to put to the side and ignore, you shouldn't have to waste energy on them. Good luck tomorrow with your appointment, I'm sure they will just have you monitor you blood sugar to make sure it doesn't spike.

  4. hey, i thought, you are living in uk?! ;)
    where exactly do you live in sweden? i have an aunt and cousins there, my aunt lived a long time in helsingborg and now she lives in stockholm cause her children are there. my cousin works for the town archieves in sstockholm ;) thats all i now bout them ;)

    i would hate your mother in law... my sister.got also married secretly while i was in south america...

    love, sophie ;)