So according to the nurse at the diabetes clinic - my sugar levels on the test that I took at the baby nurse mean that I do have the gestational diabetes..

I got this blood sugar meter thingi and I have to keep track of my blood sugar 7 times every other day. I have to do it once I get up before I eat or drink anything. And once before bed. Other than that before each main meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and once within an hour of started main meal.. The fasted numbers count for the pre breakfast dose..

I have been doing it since yesterday and my levels are REALLY good.. I am well under the limits and this is really confusing me..

How can they say I have the gestational diabetes - if none of my blood levels agree with it??

Anyway.. I have to do this until a few days after the baby is born.. And if the numbers stay this way (which they should with me keeping my diet and moving unless I am really unlucky) I will not need any insulin treatment.

I guess it's not all bad though .. The fact that this diet will make me more used to eating normal and healthy and by the time the baby is born - and that will the weight-loss after this whole thing is over much easier.. Wont it ??

Anyhoo.. Gotta get off.. This house is a mess and starting to get on my nerves...

Wishing you all a great weekend <3


  1. Insulin resistant types of diabetes (type 2 and gestational) are very complicated. When they do the testing with the nasty drink, they are loading you up with a massive amount of sugar, I think 100 grams - more than you would eat unless you're bingeing, and if you're bingeing there are other nutrients like protein & fat that lessen the impact on blood sugar.

    If your body couldn't get your blood sugar under control with that large amount, you have a problem with blood sugar control, indicating insulin resistance. If your blood sugar is normal when you're eating your regular foods, that is GREAT, but because the test shows you are insulin resistant (cells don't respond as well to insulin so your body makes more than it used to to get the same job done), you may have normal blood sugar but too much insulin in your body. Having a high insulin level too much of the time can affect the baby, in addition to the blood sugar.

    You are already on the right track, having reduced high sugar foods and highly processed carbs. I'm sure they are also educating you with more details of exactly how they want you to eat to help manage things. Have they put you on any medication or are they starting with monitoring you on diet & exercise?

  2. Aw, I'm sorry sweetie. At least now you have the opportunity to monitor your levels...and you have a huge network of support, both online and in real life. It'll be okay, I'm sure of it. xx

  3. i'm so sorry to hear you have so!
    babe, just to clear it up - it is not your fault. people that are completely healthy and thin and 'perfect' can have high blood sugar rates.
    oh cute! a lot of pregnant women get all "I NEED TO CLEAN THE HOUSE", cute! ^_^

    -Sam Lupin

  4. Yikes, gestational diabetes.
    Sounds a little scary.
    But you are a strong woman, and I know you will handle this well.
    Hang in there.
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3

  5. glad to hear you are taking it so well after the initial shock of it all in the beginning. you're on the right track for being healthy now and after the baby is born so good for you *both*!

  6. urgh sorry about the diabetes stuff hun! that totally sucks. But you have been doing really well with your diet, so I think it should all work out! Thinking about you! xo