Feeling better :)

Sorry for the foul mood yesterday.. I am much better today.. I had a good chat with this friend of mine, and he was so right.. I need to keep remembering that this is my life - my kid - my family and if anyone wants to be a part of it - it will be in our own terms.. I also have to remember to stop letting people walk all over me being too nice and thinking "what ever" ..

We finally had a new appointment with the midwife/nurse and I got to talk to her about the weight.. More of the weight loss, instead of gain.. And she assured me that everything was normal. As you girls said, it is because I am eating smaller portions and more often.. And the baby is growing the way he is supposed to.. So if I hadn't been pregnant, I would probably weigh 3-4 lbs less than I do.. As she put it "the baby is growing - you are the one getting smaller".. She also said that it was a positive fact, and since my goal is to not gain more than 10-12 lbs during this pregnancy - I am pretty much on track.

I was thinking today, and if I manage to stick to the way I am eating and so on- and the pregnancy goes the way it is, I will weigh as much as I did by the end of it - as I did when I found out I was pregnant. Which if you ask me is amazing, cause I do as we all know have a whole lot of junk in my trunk lol

And as you might remember I was told that I have gestational diabetes.. And that has been going great.. My levels are still normal. I talked to the diabetes nurse yesterday and she thinks it must have been the stress of everything, and the fact that I had been so sick that caused the blood sugar go that high on the day I tok the test. So even though I am going to keep checking my blood levels every other day - I am so much more relaxed about it and my eats and everything..

Can you believe that I am almost halfway done with this pregnancy.. It's not that long ago I was in panic mode over being knocked up.. and now it's already half way there. The midwife asked me today when I am planning to start my pregnancy/parental leave... And she told me i should think about taking off work around 4 weeks before the due date.. My due date is 27th of November - which means I would be taking time off from work from beginning of November.. That is not that far away...

Time goes by fast.. Sometimes it feels like it's going by way too fast.. It is a tad freaky isn't it... ?

Anyways.. I'm going off for now.. just wanted to give you all a quick update.



  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. Sometimes it's good to get that anger out somewhere.


  2. darling, I'm not sure if this is your blog or my browser is being weird, but after I was done reading today, I went to close the tab and a pop-up came on asking if i wanted to leave the page or continue on to a "surprise". I just thought I'd let you know.

    oh and btw, Nov 27 is my bff's birthday! you'll be having a lovely little sagitarius. She's actually pregnant too and due in december. she's currently at 17 weeks!

    1. I have no idea what is causing the pop-up.. I had ad-sense active on the blog, and I have deactivated it.. hopefully it will help :)

      Let me know if you get it again :)

  3. So glad you're in good health and just as importantly, good spirits! Pregnancy is a roller-coaster, isn't it?

  4. *I got the pop-up when I commented.. force-closed and reset my browser.. I'm not in the mood for any "surprises" :P

    1. Ugh.. This is so annoying... I am gonna see if I can google what to do :S

  5. wow, seems like your doing great. It was when I was pregnant that I gained most of my weight. If you can survive pregnancy, you can survive anything. My biggest advice- stay active till the very end!! The last 2 months are the hardest to keep the weight down, so be ready. You can do it!