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Some times it's so hard to find a proper title for posts.. Anywho..

My mom went back home this morning - and her trip has been just fine. We didn't really talk much, but I did tell her that I didn't want her to come and stay with us after the baby was born. She wanted to stay for two weeks - and her intentions are all good , but lets face it.. I would go mental.. I also think it is very important for us to be able to get our own rutines with the baby without someone else trying to tell us what to do. She tok it pretty well.. I was very surprised that she actually listened.

She had bought some baby cloths and a toy. And when she was here she bought another set of cloths and this chair we wanted for the baby. It was really nice of her cause the chair in it self was pretty expencive. I will post some more pictures of them in a late post. (I am too lazy to get up and take picture now hehe)..

I got some questions about the parental leave here so I thought I would make a little post about it. In Norway it's pretty straight forward - you get to take 10 months and keep 100% of your regular income - or you can take 12 months for 80%.. The other parent can take 8 weeks for the full income in addition to it.

Here in Sweden it's a mess. They have so many rules and thing which really are giving me a headache.
In total we have the right to take 480 days off. Where (in our case) the father has to take 60 days. Of those 480 days you have 90 days where you get the low pay rate which is around 20 USD a day.. The rest gives you around 80% of your income pre tax. When I go on my leave my income will be around 800 USD less than what I get paid normally.. And even though we will be just fine - we wont have any room to "play", and we will depend a whole lot more on my husbands income.

So yes technicly I can take a whole year off but I really am not sure what I am going to do. I might take 10 months full time and then the rest as 50% leave and work 50% .. I really have to think about what will be best for us.. All of us..

That said the goverments in the nordics give this monthly amount of money for the kids until they turn 18. For one kid it's around 175 USD - and for two it's around 340 USD ( I know for a fact that I wont have more than two kids - so the other amounts aren't really relevant for us)..

So erm ya .. I hope it explains it a bit better hehe ..

Anywho.. I am going to go off for now.. I have loads on my mind lately.. I should make a post about that too soon... I sure need to vent - but right now, my head is a little to messy..



  1. Thanks for the info. Wow. They give you money for extra kids. That maternity leave is pretty awesome too. US citizens get screwed on health insurance and vacation and maternity leave too. Wow. That's awesome. I know what you will do-be soooo busy with a baby. It's plenty to keep you busy!!

  2. Oh, glad visit with mom was drama free!

  3. Glad your visit was good and I am glad you were able to tell her what you wanted. WOW almost a year for having a baby I took two weeks off with my kids. After the twins I was laid off the day I came back but unless you have a really good job they dont pay. Good luck.

  4. Well done on telling your mum!! Its going to be a stressful time while you find your feet but I think its a really important time for you to bond properly with the baby :)

  5. Here in the US, you only get 12 weeks off per year (unpaid if you don't have sick or vacation time to use while you aren't working). You can use the 12 weeks for any kind of medical illness that you or any close family member is experiencing or you can use it for maternity leave. The other parent may also take 12 weeks of for maternity leave, too (but it's also unpaid unless they have sick or vacation time to use).

    Pretty crappy huh?

    I'd die of happiness if we got the kind of benefits that you are getting in Sweden!!


  6. And this is why I need to marry dutchboy and move to europe. for the better healthcare, better benefits... here you also only get two weeks paid vacation time a year! in the netherlands it's like 8...

  7. my cousin just had a baby too and she lives abroad so her mom went to be with her for three months to help. they're driving each other crazy. especially since her hubby's mom is there too. I think you're right about establishing a routine with the baby as well!

  8. That seems pretty confusing. I didn't know that people got paid maternity leave at all so it's kind of a nice surprise to hear that they do. Ah, I'm so excited for you!

  9. I'm glad your mum actually listened to you :) xx

  10. Everytime I read about the government I'm wishing it would just leave me the hell alone.