Upset rant..

I haven't been at work that much lately thanks to the extreme coughs I have had. I worked 3 days last week before I lost my voice again - and I have been at work since yesterday. It will only be two days this week before I go on my vacation for two weeks. 

So I shouldn't really be complaining but this work is really messing me up lately.. It's not the job in it self.. I love my job.. I love most of my co-workers.. But the changes we have been having here have been soo annoying.. 

They have been taking in some people who are fucking up everything.. Our new PR director.. She SUCKS.... And she is so dense.. She miss spells all of our press realises and even though we have told her that she does - she just ignores it.. The new development manager.. Well he is just a bright flower.. After he started more than half of the testers and developers have disappeared.. Makes you wonder why?? right?? 

The new sales manager ... She doesn't speak to other females.. It's so fucking annoying.. If you say hi - or whatever.. She just ignores you - or walks by.. I have heard it from so many of the girls.. But he is best friend with the guys.. What the fuck is that all about??? 

Our production manager is a control freak... He has the team under such a leash that they can't even take a break without him asking them exactly what they are doing.. 

And my closest manager.. He is just.. Well he doesn't do shit... First of the guy can not multi task to save his life.. Second he "forgets" things that shouldn't be forgotten.. *sigh*

And I know - I "only" have 3 moths left here before I go on my leave for a year .... But this is really messing me up... I have had to check my blood levels twice while I had been at work - and both times they have been sky high cause I feel so upset and stressed when I'm at work. 

I keep reminding my self of my new mantra.. "3 months to go" .... But ya... 

Anywho... I just needed to vent a tad.. 6 hours to go.. 


  1. The work situation sounds so frustrating! Hold in there, I know it seems like forever but if you take it one day at a time three months can pass in a heartbeat!

  2. Yeah, just hang in there and you'll be done. 1 year!! That's awesome. Is that maternity leave in Norway? Here you are lucky if you get 6 wks. Hopefully by the time you come back all the riff raff will be gone!

  3. Work sounds frustrating. Management are always screw ups. I've always wondered how most of them graduated university, never mind got a management position.

    Three months will fly by and you'll be away from the mentally challenge management. x

  4. good luck! one year leave?? something to look forward to :D