I have made up my mind!

Thank you so much for all your comments on my last post. It really helped to get your opinions on the matter and it made it easier for me to make my decision.

I have decided to give her a chance - so I sent her a PM telling her that. But I also made it clear that I didn't believe her excuses and that I knew they were lies. Also that I need to see some proper changes in her actions to start giving her any sort of trust. I have also told her that if she ever again acts that way towards me - or anything close to that against my kids that she is out.

I guess the thing I keep forgetting is that I don't live that close to them anymore - and that I actually can control how much contact i have with them. I really need to remember that they are not able to mess me up even more unless I allow them to keep doing it. Birthdays - Christmas that is about it.. And I don't have to let it be anything more than that unless I want to.

So again :) Thanks.

Over to something else.. I have officially lost 15 lbs since I found out that I was pregnant. Again I haven't tried to lose any weight - so a part from the time I had the morning sickness, I really don't get how it keeps going down. As you might remember I was pretty worried about it to beginn with - but after my talk to the midwife I am feeling ok. My friend (the one who just gave birth to her second kid) says that I have a luxury problem - I do have a hard time understanding how most woman can gain so much during their pregnancy. The same friend I just mentioned gained around 50 lbs with her son (that was 1,5 years ago) and she gained around 40 lbs with her last one. .

So I guess I should just be happy and stop thinking about it. The midwife told me that I will soon start putting on some weight - the last 3 months of the pregnancy is the time where the baby grows the most and I should also gain some weight then. My goal was to not gain more than 15 lbs during this pregnancy - and I guess if I keep it up and watch my eats ect I should be able to keep it around that too.

I started my 21st week of pregnancy today and my tummy is rounding up. I can see clear changes from last week and I must admit it is so weird.. I am actually starting to have a hard time bending or getting out of the sofa in a normal way lol...

Anywho :) What else.. Hmm..

Oh yes.. I am still coughing a whole lot.. And getting pretty tired of it.. I hope however to go back to work tomorrow or the day after. I have two weeks of vacation starting Monday - so I think it would be smart of me to show up at work for a couple of days before that.

Talking about vacation - my mother is coming to visit us. She arrives on Saturday afternoon and is leaving really early (her flight is at 8 AM) on Thursday.. I am a tad worried about it cause of .... Well you know.. Everything.. So wish us luck and keep them crossed to this trip of hers goes ok. I really can't take more family dramas..

Monday after she leaves is our one year wedding anniversary.. With everything that we have to buy for the baby we can't really afford a proper trip so we are going to spend a couple of days in Denmark, Copenhagen. We have booked a nice hotel and I really am looking forward to it. It is the last time we can take a "alone" trip before the baby comes and it will be a while until we can have another after he is here so I really wanted us to do something - just the two of us.

Anways - I'm going to end this wall of text. Again, thanks for all your comments.



  1. Don't let your mom get to you when she comes to visit. Hopefully it'll be a good visit. That's awesome that you haven't gained a lot of weight. It's surely showing you that if you just eat healthy and don't do anything extreme you CAN lose weight the right way. Denmark sounds nice.

  2. Glad your giving your sister a chance, family pain in the ass but you still want to love them!


  3. Congrats on the anniversary! It'll be good to have one last trip alone, because a baby really changes things. It's fantastic, i think, that you havent piled weight on during your pregnancy. Most women use it as an excuse to eat whatever you want...you have to keep in mine that you'll have to deal with the extra pounds once the baby is born! Good luck with everything, dear!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better about your family- fingers crossed it all works out well.
    Enjoy your break & make the most of your alone time now.
    I'm so impressed with your weight during this pregnancy- its like it's give you more control not less- amazing. Here's hoping the last part goes just as well xxx

  5. You sound like you handled the situation with your sister really well! That's great! :) I totally hear you about the pregnancy weight gain (the 15 pound goal) thing- a baby only weighs like 7 pounds, so where does all the extra go? However, I read a couple places that a healthy woman should gain around 25 pounds during pregnancy, so if you go a little upwards of your goal, try not to be too hard on yourself.

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  7. I'm glad you're giving your sister a chance! PS - I'm sorry I haven't been on here in a while. I've missed you!

  8. I have no idea how some people can gain so much yet I KNOW if that were me, I'd gain so much. I did read years ago that doctors used to recommend gaining no more than 28lbs during pregnancy- big difference huh?!

    Congratulations on your anniversary! :) I also hope your mother isn't too bad when she stays. Fingers crossed xx