Apparently I am fasting today.. Not really planned - but I am so fucking depressed. It is really bad.. I normally tend to overeat while I am this emotional- but maybe heavens have heard my prayers and I am losing my appetite when I am upset..

My married life isn't going that well.. I think we have been "together" in total 10 times since the wedding.. This is including the honeymoon.. *sigh*
I am lonely..
I miss my social life..
I feel so lost..

It's my lunch break - it is the same time as hubby has his.. I tried to talk to him on msn - about how I feel about everything.. And guess want.. He just went AFK..

I guess his food was more important than what I feel...


  1. Men can be so stupid sometimes. I've been with my boyfriend for over three years now and he still has trouble noticing when I'm upset with him. He's just really oblivious.

    I would say you should sit your hubby down tonight and tell him what's on your mind. And let him tell you how he's feeling. Then both of you try and fix whatever it is that's causing this distance between you.

    Best of luck!!!!

  2. Definitely communicate. You and your hubby have a good thing and seem to always be able to talk to ea other. Also, realize that relationships go through slumps. Not necessarily that you aren't working anymore but just a blah period. It should pass. Hubs and I haven't been too active in the bed either but I try not to worry about it.

  3. Sounds like time for a face to face talk. A proper talk where he has to take you seriously. I know it sounds a bit OTT but when my marriage gets to that point (and I'm pretty sure they all do) I think about it alone, take notes and make sure I cover everything when we're talking so there's no confusion. The only other thing is try to start/end with the positives so he doesn't feel like you're telling him it all sucks.
    I hope you guys can work it out soon and you're all smiles again :)
    p.s. stress kills sex drive, don't take it personally until you know what's going on xxx

  4. I'm sorry you're feeling depressed, but I hope it is better today...

    men are just totally clueless...urgh! I really hope things work out luv! xoxo