A tad of thoughts..

Today has been a very very emotional day.. I started work couple of hours late cause of a meeting we had at our bank.. And when I had cleared the things I had to do at work, I went over the my blogger dashboard.. And your posts has made me really emo hehe.. All from Sam's wonderful, sad words.. To Tempest's and thinpls's frustrations, Kes's struggles.. To Miranda's post.. All of you.. I always take your words to heart - but I guess some days they leave major foot prints.. And today is one of them.. 

Often I can understand your side of story.. Often I can see your struggles and imagine your pain.. Some times.. It  feels like I could be the one writing what you guys are writing.. Sometimes I wish I knew you guys in my "real" life.. My life is so much easier with you guys in it, and sometimes it feels like I know you.. Does it sound weird??

Anyways.. Your words has made me think of my life.. My everyday.. My struggles.. My fail attempts.. God knows I have had many of them.. lol.. You guys know I have had many of them.. 

I have been very lonely since I moved to Sweden, and a whole lot of times - you ladies have been the ones who have gotten me through things.. And I just want to thank you girls for all your comments.. For your words.. For making time to read my rants.. For being there.. For believing in me.. 

I seem to have some thinking to do again.. I feel like my "eating plan" is working fine for now.. So that is not it.. But all other concepts of my life are in question at the moment. So bare with me and my coming rants.. But for now.. I just wanted to say Thank you :) 

I have been listening to Maria Mena's new album today. And I am going to leave you with one of her songs.. 



  1. Ditto to you too! I feel like I know you and when I log on and see your comforting comments I know I am not alone and that I am understood and it makes me feel so much better. We all seem to struggle with food in one way or another and somehow that connects us all...and makes us similar in a lot of ways. Hope my post didn't make you sad...it is kind of a bummer but you know this is where we put it all out there and I'm so glad to have the outlet to do that.

  2. I really like this entry. I'm glad you feel this way because I feel the same when I log onto blogger. Hang in here :)

  3. I know what you mean!
    Are you sleeping well? when I sleep badly my emotions go more nuts than usual.
    Hope you're smiling soon :) xxx

  4. You are definitely one of the people I feel a real connection/understanding with from your posts. Online relationships are different, but no less real, especially as a support system for the things we can't share with most people. I'm behind on reading but I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the supportive comments you've been leaving. They mean a lot to me.

  5. Thank you for the nice comment on my pictures :)
    I'm glad you find comfort in the people that read your blog. I'm the same way :) Hang in there sweetie :)And I agree with Tempest's comment before mine!