Morning ladies :)

First off I wanna say thank you all for being so lovely and caring :) - Second, I want to explain the stuff with my BFF. What happened is that I called her to talk to her about the piercing.. She has several - so I wanted to check if it would be safe to pull the thing out and not leave it in. She called me back and we talked - and then talked some about her - and how she and her family was and so on. And then I went and removed the piercing, and went on my Ipad to check e-mails and facebook, and I saw that her husband has posted on his status that their son is going to be a big brother.

I sent her a text and said "Dude we just spoke on the phone why didn't you tell me that you were pregnant" - and she send me a text back saying "lol, you didn't ask" .. And I was like "erm I have been asking how it's been going - how could I guess that you were pregnant" .. And then I got text back saying "Listen, I am not in mood for any nags - you got to know at the same time as the rest of people, and that's how it is" ...

You must understand - that I know that pregnant ladies can be moody and so on.. But we have known eachother for over 10 years and been very close for the last 8-9 ... She sort of started ditching me when she met her now husband. The times she wasn't - he would tag along.. He was ALWAYS with her.. And I mean to a point where we couldn't even go underwear shopping without him tagging along. And that is just so wrong.. Anywho.. Back then I just figured that this is what she want - and started hanging out more with my other friends. And I have sort of been like that ever since.

After I moved to Sweden however - I have always been the one taking contact with her. Calling her - texting her and so on.. And not that long ago - since we haven't met after the wedding, I asked her if she wanted to to go on a girls only trip with me after newyears. And she said that she couldn't cause of her son.. A week later I heard that she was going to be in Dubai during that time.. It sort of hurt me that she didn't just say that.. Why would she hide something so simple? .. And the thing with her being pregnant again, is sort of the last drop on her acting like a jerk. Last time she got pregnant - she didn't tell people until she was over 4 months on the way.. I have always told her everything.. I have always been there for her.. I was there where her husband lied to her.. I was there when she got so drunk she couldn't walk.. I have always always been there.. And now when I got this hurt.. She says that she wasn't in mood for nagging? .. What the fuck ??

Anywho... I told her that I was sick of her treating me like shit - and lying to me no matter what.. That I was done trying to always fetch her - and always keep her feelings in mind.. And that if she wants to keep me out of her life - so be it.. I told her that if she wanted me there - she should be the one taking next step cause I was hurt - angry and done..

You want to know what happened after ?? NOTHING....

So that's it for me for now.. I have been very sad this weekend, but hay.. C'est la vie...

Moving on.. We are almost done! I think I will be able to put out the before after pictures of the flat by the end of this week :) The wardrobes are due the next coming two days - and I should get in order since we have a big family dinner this Friday. I figured I would take the pictures when we have cleaned up for the dinner and post them next weekend hehe. The place is starting to shape up pretty well..

We are going to buy a new bed and a new TV .. But we figured we should wait for the newyears sales to do that. So there will be some changes after the pics but it should give you an all over view of everything that has been going on.

As you might remember I also talked about making a career change. I am thinking about picking up coaching, life - and business coaching. I also want to pick up some nutrition classes. I am still looking into details about where to start - so this is a long term plan and it might change when I have more info about it. My first step is going to be get my drivers license (yes I am a slow poke :P ) - and to get in shape.

I think I know what I am going to do diet wise.. But I am still figuring out details there too- So I wont post a plan until I am done :) What I can say is that the plan will be put into action for full from second week of January. My mom is going to stay with us from the 5th to 8th of January, so it wont be fully in action until after she goes home. But I will be/ have started some of the plan already.

Anyways - this post is getting waaay too long :) I am going to end it by saying welcome to the new followers and thanks for reading. I think I am following all of you - but due to the fucked up dashboard issues blogger has, I don't get all of your updates all the time :(

Oh and about the piercing... It is ttly fucked up.. I am probably going to redo it again after it has healed , but this time it will not be here lol.. I am going back where I got my first one- or the place that did my tattoo in London :)

Wishing you all a great day!



  1. damn guy. damn girl. i don't like the sound of them. it's like they're excluding you from your life or something when you've included them in. DEFINITELY. NOT. OKAY.

    10 YEARS?! DAMMIT! awe, i am so sorry, Cupid. lily, please try to look up to this! <3 gahh. some women. men corrupt some women from my understanding.

    when you talk about that flat, i feel like you're moving on to a whole new life! it sounds fun and exciting.

    <3 hope all goes well with the plan and the piercing! love you, Cupid!

    -Sam Lupin

  2. wow, 10 years and this is what you get! tsk, let her go, she didn't even make a change after you told her how you feel about this...
    Anyway, I cracked up when I read the message she sent you "You didn't ask"...from now on, everytime I'll talk with my friends I'll be like "oh, by the way...are you pregnant?" bahaha

  3. Who needs friends like that anyways? She was literally on the phone with you and didn't think enough of you to tell you. I'd be done too. Good luck with ALL your plans...can't wait to see what you'll be doing. Can't wait for the flat pics too.

  4. Some "friend".
    If she is going to treat you like that, you are wise to drop her!
    She is not worth your time!
    I am definitely excited to see pics of your new flat. :)
    Hope you had a wonderful day.
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  5. Perhaps you just need some time apart for her to realise? Some people loose themselves to their partner- perhaps she needs a wake up call, she isn't just a wife and mother, she's still her! I'd give it one last shot- try and get her alone and impress upon her how much her behaviour is hurting her friends.
    I wish you all the best as always- I know this sucks but try not to dwell too much, do something fun for you & smile :) xxxxxxxx