Post no. 200 and one crappy piercing later..

I have my tongue piercing for a whole hour... When he was done.. I noticed that it sat further back than I used to have mine.. I got home and noticed how fucked up he had placed it :S The whole thing was weirdly placed.. The upper part was around 6 mm further back the lower part.. 

I don't know if this makes sense to all of you but this so fucked up.. So.. I decided to take it out.. And I am just so sad.. I had really been looking forward to this.. Now.. I have to wait until it is properly healed .. Aka 6-8 weeks before I can even think of doing it again.. *sigh* .. And talk about fucking wasted money.. :( :( :( 

This should be my lesson.. Next time I am going back to the place that did my first one in Oslo.. Sorry about the rant :( but this just happened, and I am really upset ... 

But enough of that.. 

This week has been very busy at work. Loads of meetings and we were only 3 left in my team.. Rest called in sick and so on.. We have also been having stock meetings.. They are letting us buy stocks in the co.. 

I have also been thinking about.. Food - exercise.. What I want to do for a living and so on.. And I think I am sort of getting in order about what I think I should be doing and how.. 

I will make a post about it soon.. 

Anyway.. I am going to be off for now :( I have a really bad headache :( 


  1. when I was 15 i got my lower lips pierced and it went totally wrong...so i know how you feel :/ but are you going to do it again when it gets healed?
    by the way, I'm following you, hope you'll follow back (the english version of my blog). Kiss, Jay :)

  2. Maybe you could go back to the guy and tell him he fucked it up? Maybe he'll redo it for you for free?

  3. Damn I'd be so annoyed if that happened! Does it hurt a lot?
    If you go back to the guy he might give you a refund?
    Lottie x

  4. I don't really understand the tongue ring placement thing but if they screwed it up that really sucks! Maybe if you go back and say you had to take it out they would re do it at no charge when you are healed but then again they might mess up again. I hate wasting money too.

  5. Aaaah! I'm sorry that happened. That's so sucky :/ I hope you're feeling a little better though! xx