Last post of 2011.....

Oh wow.. Last day of 2011.. I can not believe I have been living in Sweden for almost a year now (couple days short).. This year has been very eventfull.. A whole lot of good and bad things have happened.

I movdr to another country - and moved to 3 new flats hehe - got a new job - got married (all good stuff but... ) - and during this year I have gained shit loads of weight.. (this is the not so good thing :S ) .. I have gained a total of 35 lbs.... Have lost a few since then - but ya.. It is insane..

I have a whole lot of excuses to why I have gained it all.. (Stress, emotional eating.. Depression... Binges even after I stoped the purging, not exercising enough... the list is long) .. BUT I am not going to focus on the excuses..  Today is the last day of 2011 - and with that I am going to let it be the last day of my messing up. I am going to make all those changes I have only talked about..

My focus next year - will be on getting healthy.. Making right choices for my body and my health.. I am going to try to learn to like my body.. I have many many many steps before I can love it - but for now .. I am going to learn to like it and make peace with it..

Anywho - that is it for now.. Thanks for all your support and love during this year.. Love you guys :) <3 AND happy new year ladies <3


  1. I always thought you lived in Australia for some reason. No idea why I thought that.

    2011 has been up and down for me too. No year can be perfect though, right? Happy New Year. :) Have a great night/day.

  2. it's a year of frustrations and happiness! ^__^ damn 2011. i hope 2012 is much more exciting (has to be! i'm out of school by May! :D). <3 yay for Sweden.

    i love how you say "ya..." it's cute. <3 gah. i am so random. 35lbs isn't so bad. you'll drop them as soon as you got them on.

    i hope you can make peace with your bod! it's only fair. you do only have one body! <3

    -Sam Lupin

  3. also, nope. i didn't add you. but i should. *___*
    <3 Sam Lupin

  4. you've had quite a busy year! :)

    yay for healthy!

    **also totally random but the captcha word for this comment was "bibles" hahahah maybe the internet wants me to read bibles? god only knows i don't even own one..