There is something very wrong with blogger.. I seem not not be able to follow people. If I go to their blogs, it says I am following, but I don't see them on my dashboard. And it seems like sort of half of the blogs I was following are gone....

Anyone has an idea how to solve this? I don't seem to figure it out.. *sigh*

I saw this about this challenge on Miranda's blg, and I have signed up for it - I hope it is not too late to join.. You can find the info about it here ... This is one of the blogs where I don't seem to be able to get updates on even though I am following it... *sigh*

Anyways - I want to lose 20 lbs by Christmas. And as you girls know I have been on my new plan for a couple of days. 5 lbs down- 15 to go... :)

I must say- I am pretty proud of my self so far.. I have been on my period during these days - and I have been very very stressed and tired, which normally would end in binges. But I have been sticking very well to 2 shakes and a "salad" - aka mostly veggies and some lean protein in a small portion for dinner.. I actually haven't managed to finish my portions even.. And I have always managed to sort of work around my diet and find excuses and cheats- and I haven't even had to. The big test will be tomorrow though.. I normally fuck up my plans during the weekend. So this will be the big challenge.

But I am actually feeling pretty good about it - its like - so empowering to just ignore food, if you know what I mean. I could see my self "eat" like this for weeks, even months.. That has never happened before.. I mean I might try to swap the salad for soup- but you guys get the idea.. Also.. I am not sure if it is the diet pills, or the fact that I am drinking something aka tea/water/coffee all the time .. But I don't feel that hungry even.. Which is a bliss..

Renovation update.. We should officially be done the 21st of December lol..
They are done with the kitchen and bathroom - and they are going to touch up the paint and finish up the floor details next week. But the first available time to get the hallways wardrobe installed was the 20th, and they will come to fix the walk-in closet the day after. They didn't have that many fun option for the last part - but it will be OK for what we are going to use that closet for.

We bought a wardrobe from Ikea for our bedroom, so we gonna fix that this weekend. Hopefully we will be most in place with most things during this weekend and can use the extra bedroom for storage until the rest of the stuff are done.

We also need to buy a new bed.. The frame on the one I have is pretty worn down cause of all the moving (I have had it for around 10 years now) - but it is very good quality, so we are gonna buy a new frame and use the mattress from the one we have. - we are probably just gonna buy that from ikea as well. Will see :)

Anyways - Work day almost over :) I want to wish you all a great weekend .. Gonna leave you with this song.. Just came over it on youtube and I am loving it..

@ Claire: Sounds great.. We can talk about the details of how to later :) Really looking forward to this- and I think it is an amazing idea to post it on the blog - I will most likely update it my self :)



  1. That will be awesome to have a buddy who also wants to lose 20 lbs by X mas in the challenge. Kitty, please, please keep it up!! Just think about how good it will feel to reach your goal. That feeling is not worth stuffing your face and then feeling guilty about it. 5 lbs so far is awesome. Well, at least your place should be done by X mas.

  2. Congrats on the 5 pounds!! I too wanna loose weight by Christmas. At least 15 but it i can get to and mantain a 10 pound loss I will be happy. Weekends are the worst for me too! We need to be strong!! We can do this!!


  3. Kitty, that's also happening with my dashboard! none of the new people I'm following show up over there, I even tried adding them manually but nothing will work :/ so I can't tell when they have new updates... An my layout suddenly changed some of the fonts without me approving it, idk what's up with blogger, i tried looking on the help forum but there wasn't anything useful

    good job on not bingeing!! that's awesome, keep it up and stay strong, you're doing well. Good luck with the challenge!

  4. this is awesome! congrats on the 5lb loss! weekends are really tough for me too, but i find that if i just keep myself really busy then i'm ok. usually i'll walk around and go window shopping, work out, go running, read a really good book or watch some movies, and sleep!

    btw, which diet pills are you taking?

  5. That's happening to me too! It's like people disappear and reappear randomly. Stupid. I'm really glad to hear things are going well, congratulations on the loss! keep up the great work!
    & Ditto, this is going to be great! Toned bod here we come :)

  6. Congrats on the 5lbs loss. My goal is to lose 15-20 by Christmas too.

    Grr. I know what you mean about not getting thingys on the dashboard from certain blogs. I don't get yours funnily enough or the ones I regularly comment on. It's so annoying. x

  7. Thanks so much for your comment, I think i'm going to make what I want to eat- enjoy it and if they want to eat it yay, if not, whatever. You're so right- I wasn't heard when I was planning my wedding either. I really do need to stand up for myself.
    Thanks again xxx