Feeling much better!

Thank you girls for your comments yesterday. I was feeling really down, and I guess I let my self get too worked up. I know that we have been very stressed out lately.. Things have been happening none stop and they all have been major changes.

I know for a fact that my hubby loves me and that most of the things he does "wrong" is cause he is a boy and boys are stupid. Most of the time he doesn't even realize that he has said/done something really annoying. And I suppose I am really good at reading too much into things cause of my "wonderful" past with guys. I think I have to really accept that he isn't like any other guy I have been with and that he really doesn't do things to hurt me.

We did talk yesterday and things are OK. We both have things we need to work on. And I think things will be much easier when we are in a more relaxed place and done with everything we have had going on. It's not every year where you move 3 times - one being from another country - get married and start a renovation. So ya.. I think we will be fine.

I think one of the reasons why I am so annoyed is the amount of food I have been eating. 300-500 calories is sort of too little - and has made me very edgy too I think. So I am upping my calories. I am going to eat like I did before the move. That diet really made me feel good in my skin. And I think it is a better diet to combine with training. I have put my limit back to 1200 calories, but I calculated my eats as they were before and most  days will be around 700-900 calories. The balance of carbs vs fats vs proteins will also be more "normal". I am aiming for the 40-30-30% plan. Which is supposed to be a perfect combo for my body type.


Over to something else - I am going to get my tongue pierced again. I used to have one - and I had to take it out when I had to pull out a wisdom tooth. And I have been missing it - so I am finally going to make the appointment and get a new one. I am not sure if should go for the one I had - or have two next to eachother.. I will probably just have the one. I used to love it.. And it was one of my sexy factors.. And I really need to get some of my sexy factors back.. The appointment is next Friday after work :) Yay for that!

I am so not focused today lol sorry for being all over the place.. Just got a call that they are delivering our doors tomorrow after work!

Talking about tomorrow.. We are having dinner at hubby's boss's home.. Sort of Christmas dinner thingie..

Gonna publish this post for now.. Can't focus on it at all ..



  1. sounds good you're OK. i mostly read too much in things my boyfriend does as well, but he got used to it and we don't quarrel about it anymore, because he clarifies the situation :D
    your plan sounds good! i wish i could like measure how much fat, protein and carbs i eat, but i only keep track on the calories.
    i've always wanted my tongue pierced, but now that i know of the risks, i think i am too much of a coward for it. but go for it, it definitely IS sexy!

  2. 1200 sounds good and it should give you more energy for getting through the day and working out. That sounds like a good plan. Glad things are ok with hubby... yup, boys ARE stupid, haha, but seems like you found one of the good ones! xx