The "new" plan..

I mentioned before that I had been thinking of a new plan.. I didn't really feel like stressing with it during Christmas, and since I have been pretty sick the last days it hasn't been an issue either. We have another dinner out planned tomorrow - and that is it for this year :) We aren't sure what we are going to do for new years eve yet.. So we will see if we are going to do much else than going out for the fireworks by midnight.

My mom is coming to visit us right after the the new years. She will visit us from the 5th to 8th of January. We are planning to spend one of those days in Copenhagen - I need to visit the Norwegian embassy and apply for a new passport. My current one is not valid after I changed my last name and I dunno if I mentioned it - but we have a weekend in Chimonix planned with my work (they are paying for everything) - and I want to have my passport ready by that time. It will be in March - from 08th- 11th so it is still some time left but you never know how long these things take..

Back to what I wanted to write about.. Aka the plan I have for upcoming week and the new year.
My idea is to choose a bunch of foods - for breakfast - snacks - lunch - dinner and so on - and just have my pick from those food groups each day. I sort of think I need to take a mini break from counting calories - cause it is kind of not doing me any good. It really depresses me - which tosses me in a binge circle.. and ya.. I think having a list of "safe" foods where I can have my pick will make it easier. So I will still measure how much I eat - but I will chill on the counting.
With exercise, I am thinking to exercise for 3 days, and then have a day off - then exercise for 3 days, and have another day off. I wont be getting properly started with the exercise plan that I have in my mind until after my mom leaves but it will be OK.
I have also changed my goals a tad - the numbers aren't changed my just the number of the goals. I am going to think of rewards to put up there too :) just haven't figure out what yet.

Anywho. Off for now.. Wishing you all a great night.



  1. Sounds like a great plan to me :)
    I hope you have great fun and relax into it all.
    Hope you feel better soon! All the best xxx

  2. no Christmas stress! D; that's bad.
    *yawns* i'm so totally NOT half-asleep right now. also...woot for trip! damn for fixing it all up!
    "safe" foods are really awesome. i have been living off veggies and pasta sauce for a good amount of time, with a few pieces of bread rolls *i chop the top part off to get it down to 18g, and then top it off with two or three tsp. of Philadelphia cheese (fuck! 55 calories for 2 HUGE tablespoons!)
    i SO need to fix up my goals. ALSO...oh, oh, oh, exercise plan! fucking legs kill me now from spinning! dammit!
    -Sam Lupin
    PS. hope you ease into it quite nicely. Misha Merry Christmas, lovely! and i hope you feel better, because you've been feeling down lately in some of the more recent posts i've read :( <3

  3. Sounds like a good plan, you'll have to keep us updated!


  4. An all expense paid trip from your job! Nice. The plan sounds good. It's trial and error. Hopefully this one will work for you. Hope you had a good Christmas. I've got some kind of a stomach bug too.

  5. Sounds like a great food plan, I might borrow that idea :)

    OMG I died watching that clip :D

  6. hope everything works out too. I'm applying for a new passport as well as mine expires in June and it has to be valid for more that 6 months for me to stay legal in the US and they have the most ridiculous requirements ever.... The trip sounds like it will be fun, and hope you have a good visit with your mum!