Have you reached your goal pt. 2

For those of you who are going to join me while I work on the goals I want to reach by September 1st! I have made a page for us to rant - it is called Try hard every day!

If anyone else wants to join us, just leave me a comment and I will add your goals to our list :) 


  1. oh im going to look at this!
    i like the background noow. it's a nice pastel pink. i just noticed it! ha ha
    ohhhhhhhhhhhh im presuming they're not just weight related goals

    1. hit low weight of 142.5 (losing 10.5 pounds)
    2. have a significant amount (if not all) of book done

    that's it. that's all i have.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. I have no idea what my goals should be. Maybe I need to start with that! I do have 1 goal, which is to run 200 miles this year, and I'm right on track. I know how much I want to weigh, too... But no plan on how to get there or a timeline