Yummy mummy...

I wish I was a yummy mummy.. One like Kourtney Kardashian, Nicole Richi and Hilary Duff.. We have been talking about more kids, and the plan is to try for it next year - and if there is one thing I am sure of is the fact that I will not have a fat pregnancy again.. I guess I have several reasons for why I should get rid of as much as weight I can this year..

1. I don't want to be on a "diet" when my son starts eating more and more with us.. I need to learn to eat less.
2. I do not want to go through another pregnancy being morbidly obese..
3. I really want to weigh less than my husband..

Do you have a bf/husband/partner that is larger than you.. I don't mean just the weight.. But you know larger.. Taller, stronger ect... I really love that feeling.. I love to be the small on in the relationship..
My Dutch ex.. He was HUGE.. He could hold both of my fists in one of his hands.. And I LOVED it... I really miss that feeling..

Last night I got hubby to do push ups with me before bed.. We both need the exercise.. Hopefully I will soon be OK enough with my own body to be able to workout with him.. As it is now, I am too ashamed.. I just hate everything about it...

Oh and as if it is not bad enough.. I really need to buy some new cloths.. All my cloths are either too small (they are cloths I saved from back when I was on my lowest weight, and I aim to fit in them again).. Or they are all huge since I wore them during my pregnancy.. Or they are just ratty and old, cause I can't get my self to buy some new cloths..

I am starting to feel so shabby.. I guess I should buy some new stuff.. Cause right now I look like I am the cleaning lady next to my husband and son..

Anywho.. Here are some yummy mummy's photos... Hopefully I will join that league some day!


  1. you are a yummy mummy to me. :3
    1. this sounds amazinigly good. i think the worst thing is that your child catches up on your eating habits.
    2. awwwwwwwwwwwwww. this saddens me, honey.
    3. omg isn't that ever woman's dream
    oh my fucking gosh. you just described my frustration in one of my sentences. i've always weighed more than my girlfriends. my ex was 164 and 4'11 when i was taller and much heavier. my new gf is 90 pounds and 4'11!!! fuck me. i always try to tell myself that i only have to have a BMI lower than hers! none of this 'i have to weigh less than her' crap. at least that way i can try to weigh a weight that is just borderline underweight for my height. alright. maybe a tad more considering i'm large framed but still a grand improvement!
    i just love mum and baby pictures regardless. i don't think of their weight. all i can think about is wow! baby!!!!
    -Sam Lupin <3

  2. Aww hunny, I know the feeling! When we started dating I was smaller than Dutchman and he could lift me up in his arms. Now I'm waaaay larger and heavier than him (he's on the skinny side), and I won't even let him try to lift me. I want to be the small one again sooo badly! You ARE a yummy mummy, :) but you will definitely join the skinny mummy league, just don't lose faith and keep working hard and remember your goals and it will all pay off.

  3. I know exactly what you mean about having a bigger partner. I dated a guy who was barely taller than me and on the slim side when I was close to my highest weight and it was awful. I felt huge next to him. The current BF is tall. I fit so perfectly under his chin. And he's skinny, which can make me feel a little big, but he compliments my body enough I try to let it go.
    I'm with SAm and Nasimiyu, you are a yummy mummy and I bet your husband thinks so too! Of course he wants to get to the baby making :)