You know you are fat when...

  1. it's summertime and your sweat pours down when you go for a walk
  2. you stay at a hotel, and you can not use the normal towels cause it wont cover anything but part of your boobs and back..
  3. you need a beach towel to dry up.. You are a beach whale
  4. you pass a mirror and think "who's that fatty" and realize it's you
  5. you can not fit into your size L tights
  6. you have rub sore between your thighs because your thighs are so huge they wont stop rubbing against each other
  7. your high heeled shoes wont fit properly cause you have fat sticking over the shoe line
  8. wearing a hold-in pantihoe will make your back look like a hippo stacking on fat
  9. you can not wear a buttoned shirt, cause your boobs are so huge the buttons wont hold for long
  10. when your upper arms are so huge, they wont fit into normal size sleeves
  11. you do not remember the last time you didn't have a double chin
  12. your nose keeps growing larger
  13. you can not wear any of your rings
  14. finding a cute necklace is like finding a goldmine, cause your neck is so huge the elephants look skinny next to you.. 
  15. you wear black regardless the season to look a tad smaller
  16. you have to spend 20 bucks more than your friend for the same shirt cause yours is so huge, it could be a tent
  17. you can only shop on the "BIB" sections of the store, and even then you wont find a bra that fits
  18. when you have been wearing the same cloths over and over and over that you don't remember if they are black or grey... 
  19. You find the only beautiful thing about you is your eyes and lips.. They don't grow fat it seems.. 
  20. you can not wear a purse over your shoulder cause it wont go pass your huge upper arms 
  21. the michelin tyre dude looks skinny next to you 


  1. I used to have such pain from number 6 at my high weight. fuck.
    fuck number 8!!
    number 9 is definitely not true for me. xD. aw. number 15 is still my life. i always do this. and when someone asks me 'did you lose weight?' i just go like 'nah im wearing black.' xD.
    number 20 broke my heart :(
    i love you honey xo this is good for a laugh
    and i hope you're doing well!

    -Sam Lupin

  2. I can relate to a lot of these, but at the same time I think it's important to remember that we are a bit delusional. We have body image issues, so what we see in the mirror and feel under our clothes probably isn't the same as what other people experience.

  3. I safety-pin in between the buttons,and they stay closed that way. And wear dance shorts under my dresses/skirts to prevent rub sore. They come down to mid thigh and really help. Biker shorts can work too!I identify with pretty much all of these! Love you!!

    1. These: http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?category=bottom&ProductID=2055985472&utm_source=google&utm_medium=base&utm_campaign=product_feed&gclid=CKfc9Yn4_7cCFWbJtAodkg8AYg

  4. I think I can check a lot of these, what is kind of depressing.
    I used to ware black all the time to make myself look smaller but now i find that colorful clothes lift my gloomy and dark mood.
    btw I really enjoy reading your blog.