So posting pictures of my food the last couple of days has made me realize that I eat too much.. Like duuuuuuhhhh... That should be a no brainer right??

I either need to eat less.. Or I need to workout.. A whole lot more if I am any chance to reach my goal... We are leaving on a roadtrip to Oslo the day after tomorrow and will be back on Sunday night. Thursday is also hubbys birthday so it will be a long weekend of eating almost all meals out.

I have looked up the new salads on McDonalds menu since it is the easiest option for us on the road and I found this salad with melon and prosciutto that is a good option and I think I will stick to that on the way to and from Oslo. On saturday we are having a huge lunch out at TGIF, and we had to pre-order our meal. I decided to go for a mediterranean salad and skip starter and dessert. I am also going out with my bff on Friday night.. Last time she was here and we did this I think I ended up consuming like a zillion calories since we had a whole lot of sweet drinks and fatty sides like the wings ect..

I am not sure how often I will be able to get online to post on either blogs - so if I am fully awol you know why.

Hubby and I have made a pact of working out more when we get back from this trip.. Me, ofc need to lose weight, and he.. Well FML.. He needs to gain weight... He has lost a whole lot of weight since he hasn't been working out.... Yup FML again lol... Sometimes I will I had his problem lol ...

Anyways... I am going to get on the scale before our trip, and then again on Monday morning and I hope to see it going down and not up.. Wish me luck... Cause I know for a fact it's needed..


  1. It sounds like we could both use all the luck we can get!! Uggg! We are in for it. Let's do it together! We are both planning the 30 day shred for this month. I'm also thinking about posting food pics as well. Enjoy your trip. I think with all the worry about food we sometimes forget that it's supposed to be fun.

  2. omg good luck
    this sounds hectic. it's impossible not to mess up once or twice sort of thing, so if you do, mess up once or twice or even three or four times, consider it a success if you walk out unscathed for most of the journey. <3! good luck.
    also, i'm stealing your idea and making myself an eating blog or so on. i'd love to see a visual representation of what i eat. :3
    -Sam Lupin