We had a nice trip - the weather Gods wear kind to us and we only had half a day with not so nice weather. I got on the scale and I'm up 3 lbs.. And you know what... I take it... I haven't been feeling good (had no BM), and I think I have either had a really bad allergic reaction to something or I am getting a cold cause my throat has been sore and a tad swollen since Friday.. 

But today is a new day.. I am going to drink LOADS of water and tea to just get my body moving and get rid of what ever I can get rid of.. 

Today I am also joining forces with Miranda and going on a Protein and veggie diet.. She is going to do the 30 day shred - but with the weather finally being OK I want to get some running in.. So I think I will do a mix of the Shred, running, hitting the gym, and wiifit on the days I don't really have energy to do something more. We (the baby and I) are also going to take an advantage of the nice weather and go on long strolls. 

So I am going to remember that I eat to live not live to eat... 

And to keep my body moving... 

And stop being an utter idiot... 

Now lets have a great new start to this week and stick to it! 



  1. Yay for starting the week with a positive frame of mind! This past week I didn't eat as well as I would have liked but fresh start today! I am also trying to flush my system clean and get back to a balanced happy food life. Good luck!

  2. nice trip was nice? :3 yay
    3lbs of water and food weight mind you. go on a low sodium diet for a day and you've have lost a significant amount of those 3 by tomorrow.
    nooooooooooooo feeling ill sucks.
    yum yum yum i want tea now. i've been fancying a cuppa for too long.
    protein and veg diet? oh my fucking gosh. i have to tell you that i am literally tearing my skin up for protein. i am dying for more protein. i'm craving meatballs and cheese no matter where i sit down.
    ffffffffff i live to sleep.
    that last picture is so me. if only i had 10lbs to lose. that would make my life easier. (you can punch me in the face. i'd be content with 20. or 30. perhaps 40.) but really i'd be content with 20 i think.
    cheers! GOOD LUCK CUPID xo
    -Sam Lupin

  3. Yay for a nice trip regardless of weather! You sound so positive in this post, that it's infectious :). Go Kitty!

  4. Good luck!
    I feel like the last postcard is how most people feel :P
    I fantasize about taking magic pills that will immediately reduce my weight, or meeting a genie and then wording the wish exactly right. My priorities are so screwed up...

  5. 3lbs while you were on a vacation! I call that a win. I usually do that much damage on a normal weekend. :)

    Good luck with 30 Day Shred. It is still one of my favorite workout videos. Even though I've done it so many times I don't get bored.