Safe food!!

Eating hot soup in the summer time seems just like a silly thing to do, but weight watchers hot noodle soup is my safe go to food.. I usually have it for lunch, it has 114 calories and is pretty low carb and is really yummy.. It has some chicken bites but I pick them out since I'm not a fan of their texture ... I always add a tad of lemon juice to it to make it taste even better.

What is your go to meal/ food? 


  1. Right now it's veggies and chicken breast and salad. I'm afraid of all the sodium in canned soups because I bloat easily but I really like a lot of the low cal ones.

  2. yes! same boat as Miranda. i am afraid of sodium in foods, so what i do is eat my high sodium food in the early morning and then just eat very low sodium throughout the day. which i'm sure you do anyway.
    my to go thing is literally either a biscuit, a chocolate bar, or a bag of crisps. i'm so afraid of sodium that sometimes even a piece of toast isn't an option but a lot of times, it sort of does get to become my to go food.

    -Sam Lupin

  3. Ooh yum, I will definitely be getting this.
    My safe food is... eggs? Because they make me feel really full.