First off - forgive me for my really bad use of terms in this post.. Most medical words are googled/ or from wikipedia since I don't know the words for them in English... 

I dunno how it is anywhere else, but here in the nordics are females after age 25 are called in for regular pap tests . You are supposed to do it every 2-3 years, but I had my last one done 5 years ago.. I got called in for it while I was pregnant and that is a no go. So like a month ago, I was in for a check-up and also had the test done.. 

Today I got a letter saying that there are some changes in my cervix and they will do a surgery to take out a piece for some tests .... I dunno when I will have that done.. I guess I just need to wait for the letter... 

The last time I heard of someone having these issues was a few years ago, one of my co-workers in Norway.. And it showed that she had cancer.. They then had to remove her uterus.. And after that she was fine.. 

I really hope the changes are due to the changes that happen during the pregnancy and that is not something more.. I am not ready to have my uterus removed.. I still want another kid.. 

The letter has this info thingi attached and it says that after the surgery you will not hear anything from them for 6 months - and that is when you get called in for another pap test, unless you actually agree with the doctor that is doing the surgery to send you some info home.. 

I mean.. WTF.. Do the want people just to sit and wait? It's not like 6 weeks, if f-ing 6 months.. I guess I have to ask that doctor when the time comes, and hope he/she actually does it too... 



  1. Most of the time even an abnormal pap doesn't mean you have cancer, and if it is just some abnormal cells (cells that are not normal but not yet cancer) they should be able to remove those and leave everything else where it is. I know that the odds are in your favor doesn't make it any less scary to when some of the possibilities are so life-altering.

    I don't quite understand the 6 month thing... I know that after they remove abnormal cells they will want to recheck after a while and make sure that what is left is normal, but I don't know of any reason they wouldn't tell you what they found during surgery.

    I'm so sorry you're dealing with this...

  2. Kitty - this happened to me more than 10 years ago. I had an abnormal pap. And had the second test. I did not have cancer and I've had completely normal ones ever since. If you want to hear more about it (it can be TMI for a comment) message me through MFP or email me or something. I'll gladly share. But seriously, don't stress out when you don't know what is going to happen.

  3. Ugh. We get pap smears in the US too (I don't know if it's the same? It sounds the same) and I had my first one last year. It was horrible. I hate people sticking things in places I don't usually stick things in. I suppose I'd better suck it up though, because cancer is definitely worse.
    Try not to worry too much about the results; there are so many ways a body can change it seems like a long shot for it to be cancer.
    I hope everything goes well.

  4. i just needed to know you were talking about a pap smear :).
    don't worry, honey. i don't think there's much to worry about. not everything is so set in stone, but i do guess i understand why you're so worried :(. i'm unhappy for that, but what can we do?
    6 months?? really? bollocks.
    i hope with my heart that there is nothing wrong with you, though i have an astounding feeling that you're fine. :) i hope i'm right.
    i love you and take care of yourself, honey.
    -Sam Lupin

  5. I once had an abnormal pap, and they did the same thing (taking out the cells to look at them). It turned out they were pre-cancerous but the doctor said that doesn't mean they will turn into cancer, it's fairly normal. Usually our immune system detects malfunctioning cells and destroys them, but mine is sometimes weak (even getting a cold tends to knock my white blood cells out of commission for weeks)so the pre-cancerous cells had survived. But she said all they would do was observe and when they repeated the test in 6 months, all the precancerous cells were gone. So I'm really hoping that it will be the same for you and your immune system will clear everything up!! And there'll be nothing to worry about! Hugs!!!

  6. Yeah, it sounds like maybe it's HPV. I had it too and they say that most people have either had it or do have it and it's just lying dormant. It's a really freaky thing. I about lost my mind when I found out that I basically had an STD that could lead to cancer. I mean, what the hell??? Just know that it happens to a lot of women. Mine cleared on it's own. I think they are just going to test a part of your cervix and if they don't call about a neg result that's good. Then, they will re test you with a pap in 6 months to see if the cells have changed back to normal. Try not to worry too much. Again, I don't even know if it HPV that you may have causing the extra test but from what you said that's what it sounds like.