Shark week!

Every since I got my period back after my son was born, my periods have been hell... I used to have it for like 3-4 days where of two were barely anything.. Rarely had any cramps or anything.. The only thing that I used to notice was the mood change and the need for chocolate the day before it started.. 
Now, I enter this really bad depression mode a couple of days before I get my period.. I have cramps that make me cry, and it lasts for 7-8 days... As if it is not enough I also have labor like cramps when it's around the time I'm ovulating.. 

Anywho.. All in all the last been has been really bad.. I have been doing OK with my food compared to what I would normaly do, but yeah - I am not getting on the scale until this is over.. I think (I hope) this round of hell is over by Monday- Tuesday.. 

I am going to reread You can be thin , I am also going to download the  CD to my cellphone and do the meditation every night. As everything else I do, I never did this properly.. So hopefully it will be working better this time around.. I have a long list of books I want to reread, or finish reading.. Intuitive eating, why we get fat and what to do about it, the end of overeating and The CR way

I also just finished reading, feeling for bones and the best little girl in the world (random fact, I just noticed there is a whole video/movie based on this movie on youtube, when I googled the title to link the book here... I think I might have to take a look at it later) ... I do want to read Skinny ... But I guess I need a break from these books.. 

I had a talk to hubby today.. My weight has become a subject lately.. Or more, me losing weight, and then trying for another baby... Funny how there is a chance that things can go wrong cause of what I mentioned few posts ago (btw thank you so much for all your comments, e-mail, and thought on that matter.. It has really made things a tad easier to deal with.. I just hope that I get my docs appointment soon and can have it all overwith).... 

Anyways.. I hope you are all having a great weekend.. Oh and welcome to my new followers and thanks for your lovely comments.. Please, leave me the link to your blogs so I can follow you back.. 


  1. fuck
    that's not a period that's Satan's way of trying to murder you
    Monday or Tuesday isn't close enough fuck
    im still trying to get the motivation to read the book im currently reading (Elegy for April). I still don't have any :P
    i hope things fall into place, love.
    sounds like things are shit right now but they'll get better i hope xo

    -Sam Lupin

  2. A womens body is so magical, isn't it? I know you don't have an appointment with your doctor for awhile but I would call the office to talk to a nurse or someone to explain your body is now reacting differently than it use to. I am sure they will tell you its all normal after having a baby your body will change and all that but I would call my doctor s that at least your file wil state you had a change. Now let's have a great July!

  3. Uggh! Sounds awful. I hope it levels out some and goes back to the way it was. On top of everything else that is rough. I'm really working on my intuitive eating as well. I think it's the key.