100 day keto challenge pt 2

I will make a page for it here so it is easier to just click on the tab and hop on the page if anyone else would like to join us :)

PS: if anyone has instagram I would love to have you guys there, mine is mostly food related cause I use it to post meals on "my eats" tab .. Anywho.. my instagram name is : sheislosingit82


    omg i love what you did with that. and i love it. you both are gonna finish before me then (which is coooooooool with me).
    FOLLOWED YOU. on instagram. someone_else_ago. warning: i do not post as often as i should. oops, but i am on instagram quite often. :)
    i'm excited! this should be awesome.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. definitely. there is something about living in the Middle East...especially with Mothers, and how they teach you to eat all this food and that this is a normal, healthy relationship with food and then you realise: well, that's not it.
    funnily enough, my parents actually do not push me to eat or anything anymore. they will offer just about 235252452 different kinds of foods, but if you say no, they are easily swayed. but there are those moments where "just try a little bit" and "please just eat with us". ah. those are horrible, aren't they?

    thank you for telling me that i look beautiful.
    you are beautiful too - incredibly so. your eyes twinkle. and your son is absolutely lovely. and he cannot have a better mother (don't let anything *cough*depression/anxiety/ED*cough* tell you otherwise. you are better than your Mother, and a lot of other Mothers. your obstacles were horrible, but on the bright side (and there is one), your child will benefit so much because you were in pain.

    it is never for nothing.
    it is all for something.
    the trick is to find that something, and then everything looks so much better afterwards.


    take care of yourself, Cupid.

    -Sam Lupin

  3. Good luck Kitty! I don't think I'm ready for keto, but I'm cheering you on! Stay on the plan, don't give up. I don't have instagram - there's just too many social media sites to keep track of so I tend not to join :)

  4. yeah. i'm having the keto fever.
    though right now i am just so sick. i hope it goes away soon. i don't know how i'm going to eat anything.
    at least i know i'm ketoing right? i've had my slightly high carb day two days ago to get rid of a headache because i've not been able to concentrate on my studies.
    i am feeling nauseous now but i can still read and function okay. i'd be able to go through my lectures.
    i'm a mono fanatic. if i could combine mono with anything else, i would. so, keto/mono it is. i'm trying to break it up so that i'm not monoing every day.

    -Sam Lupin

  5. thank you angel! it should be gone by the time that i do my exams then (at that time i'd probably want those increased energy levels and improved concentration!)
    i forgot the salt!
    today i ate so little salt! i just noticed this. like 500mg of salt. this is bad.
    i'm going to either wait a bit and make some soup or just stay in one place and just not do anything until later on.
    i'm keeping hydrated (water makes me icky and sick because i'm not used to eating it) but i'm keeping hydrated. via diet soda. bad. bad. bad.

    -Sam Lupin