I'm so sick I feel like I'm gonna die... I have been coughing so much that my chest and tummy ache when I breath... I did so well on keto until Friday afternoon when the worst of the fever kicked in.. All I have been craving is my grams chicken soup and it has potatoes and rice ect in it.. Not to mention the amount of sugar there is in those coughing mints..

I feel just all together miserable.. It is pretty safe to say I wont be getting my reward on Monday..

I feel bloated.. I feel just icky , yucky and the rest of the 7 eow dwarfs...

It will be yet another restart as soon as I feel better.. (hopefully by tomorrow cause I don't know how much longer I can take of this coughing..)


  1. i'm so sorry you've gotten sick honey.
    you can get back on the saddle any time honestly. you are sick, you have to take care of yourself. soup is good for colds. i'm not going to tell you to eat some keto soup just because sometimes, when you are sick, the best medicine can only come in carbohydrate form (i'm currently consuming a bit more carbs just for exams. i don't want to be dying there due to inability of concentration but not enough as to make me bloat or "icky" from all the carbs.)
    shhhh. you can get it next Monday or whenever you feel better. if you stay on keto, i can bet that you will only get sicker unless you're fairly keto adapted by now.
    you are not a dwarf! shhhhhhhh.
    take care of yourself. sleep well. hydrate. drink a lot of fluids. take your cough syrup and medication. ease yourself.
    hopefully you'll feel better soon enough.

    -Sam Lupin
    PS. i love you, Cupid. rest well.

  2. Doing what helps you feel better while you're sick is not giving up, it's just prioritizing differently because of a change in your needs. I'm so sorry you're under the weather, but I know once you're feeling well again you can tackle this with full strength. Take care.

  3. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so sick. It's definitely a time to listen to your body. You need calories and nutrients to recover, and there's nothing wrong with taking care of yourself when you're sick. Besides, your gram's chicken soup does sound pretty awesome. Rest up and feel better soon! <3 xx

  4. "GL on the goals Sam :) And well done reaching goal no. 1 :)" thank you. definitely ate a bit of it back today, but you know how weight can drop off after eating a bit more. and i didn't eat a lot more than usual.

    "I'm starting to feel much better (still coughing like someone who has smoked her whole life) but I am going back on the LCHF wagon tomorrow..." i'm unfortunately not going back on the LCHF wagon. though i do say - LCHF definitely helped me get back to LW so i definitely might be bookmarking it. though i don't think i can keep up with it. simply because i'm getting bored of the food and the more bored i am, the more likely i am to break it. i'm actually starting to crave other food all the time.
    this is not a good sign.
    sad. sad. so i will just sit here and be your cheerleader.
    go Kitty. go Cupid. goooooooooooooooo team.

    -Sam Lupin

  5. "You know that's what the followers of CRON follow (calorie restriction ongoing nutriotion, the ones who believe on restricting calories help you live a better life when getting old and live longer).. They focus on what they eat, getting most nutritions out of least amount of food..."

    there really is someone for everything, huh? xD

    i do calorie restrict. i suck at nutrition. in fact, i believe the more i think about how nutrient dense something is and whatnot, i get sad. i have realised when i eat something i don't enjoy, i just don't stick with it. i think it's how most ED people eat during recovery. the whole "getting the most amount of nutrients in the least amount of calories".

    my theory is that i am one of those people that really just care about being mentally satisfied rather than physically satisfied. as in i'd rather have a chocolate bar instead of two apples just because of the fact that the chocolate would satisfy me emotionally. the apples would curb the physical craving for food. i think that emotional satisfaction might be a nice experiment to do.

    i'd probably be eating a lot of crap food knowing me. hello, diary of a college student. i'm thinking of doing this for two weeks and maybe moving on to another one of the crazier experiments. it'll definitely be nice to see how it pans out.

    it's definitely a learning experience.

    -Sam Lupin

  6. Ugh!! Being sick is the worst. I hope you feel better soon.